5 Organic Recipes for Earth Month

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Taste the organic difference Organic pasta salad

Take good care of our environment this Earth Month and cook up organic goodness with these delicious recipes! When you shop and eat organic, you’re choosing nutritious foods that are grown the way nature intended—without harmful pesticides or chemicals. When we restrict the use of these harmful chemicals in organic foods, we’re helping to improve the Earth’s soil and water quality. Plus, organic farming improves air quality by lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Organic pasta salad

Whole Wheat Farfalle Pesto Pasta

Whole wheat pasta is combined with fresh pesto and warm roasted tomatoes for a deliciously healthy dish for the whole family.

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Organic mango black bean salad

Black Bean, Mango and Avocado Salad

This tasty black bean salad packs serious color and flavor with fresh mangos, avocados, corn and cilantro. Plus, it can easily be made ahead of time for simple meal prep!

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Organic crispy baked potatoes

Crispy Salt and Vinegar Potatoes

The irresistible tang of these crispy potatoes makes a tasty, poppable snack or a unique side dish. Pair them with any of your favorite dipping sauces!

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Organic black bean taco bowl

Easy Turkey & Black Bean Taco Bowl

Turkey and black bean taco bowls are great any day of the week! This recipe is full of nutrient-dense ingredients, protein and it’s gluten and dairy-free.

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Organic quinoa salad

Quinoa Salad with Zucchini and Tomatoes

This quinoa salad with zucchini and tomatoes is a light, refreshing and satisfying dish that’s ready to enjoy in only 30 minutes.

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Taste of the Tropics

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Colorado Illustration Truck

Taste the goodness of unique tropical fruit!

Explore a delicious variety of seasonal tropical fruit and bring home a little taste of the tropics. To help you decode their rather intimidating appearance, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you enjoy all the goodness these fruits have to offer.


Feeling inspired? Give these tropical recipes a try!

Strawberry kiwi parfait in a cup

Paleo Strawberry Kiwi Yogurt Parfaits

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Dragon fruit smoothie in a glass

Tropical Dragon Fruit Smoothie

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Tropical fruit salad with honey yogurt in a mason jar

Fruit Salad with Honey Yogurt

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Six Stackable Pancake Recipes

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You’ll flip over these tasty pancake recipes!

Whether you stack ’em high or low, a plate of pancakes for breakfast can’t be beat! This classic breakfast can easily be modified to fit any diet—from gluten-free to keto! Top with your favorite fresh fruit, jams, butters, spreads and anything else you like for a delicious breakfast in no time.

Citrus glazed pancakes on a plate

Ricotta Pancakes with Raspberry Orange Curd

These sweet-tart ricotta pancakes are light, fluffy and bursting with berry-citrus flavor.

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Peanut butter jelly pancakes

Peanut Butter Pancakes with Raspberry Jelly Syrup

These peanut butter pancakes with homemade raspberry syrup tastes just like your favorite childhood PB & J transformed into a hearty breakfast!

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Vegan protein pancakes with berries

Plant Based

Vegan Cinnamon Protein Pancakes

Wake up to a healthy plate full of vegan cinnamon protein pancakes topped with dairy-free whipped cream and fresh berries.

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lemon ricotta pancake stack with pomegranates

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Pomegranate Syrup

Indulgent ricotta pancakes are full of fresh lemon flavor and drizzled with sweet pomegranate syrup.

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Banana walnut pancakes

Whole Wheat Banana Walnut Pancakes with Apple-walnut Compote

Liven up your breakfast routine with a stack of whole wheat pancakes! Heart-healthy walnuts and potassium-rich bananas will help keep you fuller, longer.

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Collagen pancake stack with butter

Gluten-Free Icon

Almond Flour Pancakes with Collagen

These almond flour pancakes with collagen and MCT oil make the perfect breakfast to fuel your day.

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Farm-Fresh for Colorado

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Colorado Sprouts Truck

We go the extra mile,
so your produce doesn’t have to!

Our newest produce distribution center is now open in Aurora, Colorado. This 135,000-square-foot facility will be home to the freshest, local produce from farms like Colorado Mushroom Farm, Gotham Greens and many more.

Harvesting local goodness

Having a local produce center means your fruits and veggies will get from the fields to the stores even faster, ensuring they’re as fresh and ripe as the day they were picked! In some cases, your produce will only travel one hour from the produce center to the store … now that’s fresh! With shorter travel times and the ability to source local farm-fresh goodness, we’ll have better control over the in-store supply and maintain the highest standards on items that enter and leave our center.

Good for you–good for the community

Our newest produce distribution center means we can all celebrate the goodness of local, this means:
  • Bringing new job opportunities to the community
  • Partnering with and supporting local, family-run farms
  • Providing high-quality, healthy produce to communities and helping reduce food waste

  • Meet your local farmers

    We’re proud to partner with local growers across the country to bring fresh goodness into each of our communities. With our new Colorado produce center, your produce is sourced from local, family-run farms to offer you a variety of unique items every season. We strive to choose farms that promote healthy, clean farming practices in Colorado to bring you and your family the best produce full of goodness!

    Strohauer Farms Organic Fingerling Potatoes

    Strohauer Farms

    Just 50 miles outside of Denver, the fourth-generation family farm, Strohauer Farms, grows hearty fingerling potatoes and onions! Strohauer Farms has been growing both organic and conventional potatoes in Northern Colorado since 1910. During the peak season of July through October, customers can expect to enjoy the freshest potatoes with only 24 hours between farm and table!

    Pettrocco Farms

    Hazel Dell Mushrooms

    Hazel Dell Mushrooms was founded in 1997 by Jim and Toni Hammond. Located in Fort Collins, this family-run mushroom farm is proud to bring Colorado locals, restaurants, farmer’s markets and grocery stores high-quality, exotic mushrooms. The Hazel Dell farm grows a variety of gourmet, delicious mushrooms like Lion’s Mane, Shitake and Oyster for you to enjoy year-round.

    See More Colorado Farms

    Dig into the freshest produce!

    Download our convenient produce harvest schedule and shop your favorite seasonal produce the day it arrives in-store from your local Colorado farms.

    Download Harvest Schedule

    Lactose and Dairy-free

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    Dairy Free Illustration

    Delight in
    dairy-free goodness!

    Dairy Free Illustration

    Delight in
    dairy-free goodness!


    Non-dairy isn’t an alternative anymore, for many of us, it’s a staple! If you’ve made the plant-based switch or looking to try some non-dairy and lactose-free options, Sprouts is the place to be! Discover how creamy oats, wholesome cashews, flavorful macadamias and even peas create silky smooth creamers, milks, yogurts, cheeses, butters and plenty of frozen treats. There’s plenty of dairy-free goodness for you to explore throughout the store!

    Winter Harvest Dairy-free Bowl

    Sip, sip, hooray!

    Three cheers for dairy-free creamer! With a variety of indulgent, plant-based creamers that feature little to no sugar, you can feel good about your morning cup of joe! And tons of smooth, dairy-free milks? We have those too! Enjoy your favorite cereals, smoothies and vegetarian dishes with plant-based milks that are full-bodied and rich.

    Upgrated cheese

    More, cheese please! Ooey, gooey, melty cheese doesn’t have to be dairy-based! Now your grilled cheeses, pizzas, dips and pastas can all be dairy-free! The cheese game is changing and now you can get excited because plant-based cheddar makes everything better … but so does non-dairy mozzarella, parmesan, feta, provolone …

    Spreads and dips

    Even butter, yogurt and sour cream have gotten a dairy-free makeover and your world is about to erupt in flavor. Spreadable vegan butters make cookies and cakes tender and moist, while plant-based yogurt and sour cream create punchy sauces and craveable dips so creamy, they’re almost too good to be true.

    Indulge your way

    Dreaming of something sweet? Explore our Frozen Department fully loaded with non-dairy ice creams, bars and bites so good, you’ll never miss the dairy!

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    Low-sugar Diets

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    Low Sugar Illustration

    Sweet goodness without all the sugar!

    Low Sugar Illustration

    Sweet goodness without all the sugar!


    If you’re looking to cut back on the sugar, look no further! Whether you’ve begun your keto quest, curbing your sweet tooth or creating lasting habits for long-term health goals, Sprouts has tons of every day, pantry staples to keep your kitchen stocked with low sugar, no sugar and alternatively sweetened products. Not sure where to look? Sprouts makes it simple to shop low-sugar options with a variety of products labeled “no added sugar” or “sugar-free.”

    Cauliflower Rice Low Sugar Bowl

    Sneaky sugar

    Sugar occurs naturally in all foods that contain carbohydrates. Whole fruit, vegetable, grains and dairy, provide our bodies with containing these sugars which our bodies can metabolize and use as a sustained energy source. Some sugar in our diets is necessary and essential for our bodies to work properly. The problem is, we are consuming too much added sugar–because processed foods, which are easily accessible, are everywhere. Soft drinks, cereals, baked goods, canned foods, cured meats, and condiments are all culprits of sneaky sugar bombs. Luckily, at Sprouts, you can enjoy a refreshing can of no-sugar soda without the sugar rush! Plus, sugarless creamers for your morning cup of joe, reduced-sugar treats and everything in between.

    Naturally sweet goodness

    If you’re looking for a filling and nutritious ways to cut down on sugar, look no further than nature! Fruits and veggies provide a deliciously satisfying, tasty crunch to curb those sugary cravings, are inexpensive and come in an array of colors, textures and flavors. Leafy greens and berries make a sweet smoothie, while applesauce can be used in your baked treats to cut down on refined sugar, while also adding moisture. Even creamy nut butters make an incredible treat with their richness and naturally sweet flavor.

    Meals made easy

    Mealtime can be tricky with our schedules being so full of family, work and all the extracurriculars that come with both. If you need quick and simple meal solutions that are keto-friendly, made without refined sugar and won’t give you that dreaded sugar spike–we have them sprinkled throughout the store. Mornings can be stressful and sugar-free with heat-and-eat waffles and loaves of bread containing no or low sugar. Snack time is the right time to cut back on sugar with minimally processed jerkies and condiments made with you in mind!

    Treat yourself right

    Craving something sweet but watching your sugar is simple with the rich and creamy options in the frozen department! Choose from ice creams, bars and bites that are satisfyingly sweet and contain no refined sugar. And did you know, desserts made with monk fruit taste great and are diabetic friendly? If you’re keeping it keto, Look for products with the keto-friendly tag throughout the store.

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    Low Sodium Illustration

    Heart-healthy, low-sodium goodness!

    Low Sodium Illustration

    Heart-healthy, low-sodium goodness!


    Salt, in moderation, is a necessary mineral that helps to regulate and maintain normal fluid balance in the body. But, with the overload of convenient, salt-laden processed foods and easy-to-order, takeaway options, salt can be more harmful than beneficial, because we may be consuming too much of it. The good news is there are simple swaps to help cut down on sodium in your diet!

    Cobb Salad

    Natural goodness

    Fresh and frozen produce are great ways to cut down on the salt; they’re filling, nutrient-dense, and–well, they just taste good! If you need to buy canned produce, be sure to look out for “no sodium added.”

    Meats and meals

    When looking for meat, poultry and fish, try shopping fresh and avoid products packed in saline solutions, often used in preserving products and tenderizing. Also, deli meats, cured products and processed items will have higher sodium content, so shop carefully and sparingly. Frozen meals and canned soups can all be processed with tons of salt, but with healthier options available a quick heat-and-eat soup for lunch or mashed cauliflower as a dinner plate side can be warm and satisfying with sodium-free!

    Shop the label

    Speaking of “no sodium added,” you can also look for “low sodium” and “no salt added” when shopping for your frozen faves or pantry staples. Enjoy a rich assortment of creamy nut butters and better-for-you bulk goodness all without the added salt!

    Sauce rules

    Just because something doesn’t taste salty, doesn’t mean it isn’t. Jarred sauces and dried mixes are often culprits of hidden sodium bombs–so when able, try to make sauces yourself. Season with fresh herbs, spices and salt-free spice blends for flavor. And remember, acid is your friend! So, if you’re looking to add some zing to your meal, a squeeze of bold citrus or a splash of vinegar can punch things up without the salt.

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    High Protein Products Illustration

    Protein-packed goodness to power your day!

    High Protein Products Illustration

    Protein-packed goodness to power your day!


    If you’ve recently been exploring keto, Paleo or just looking to pack in more protein, Sprouts has a wide variety of high-quality traditional and plant-based options for you! With so many delicious, nutritious innovations happening across the store, you can find protein-powered snacks, meals, drinks and even treats to keep you fueled throughout the day.

    Chicken Kebabs

    Protein, an absolute necessity

    You may know protein as a primary energy source that also fuels the muscles post-workout, but even more essential than that, protein acts as a binder and essential building block for function and growth for our organs, tissues, bones, joints, hair, and skin. Protein also helps rebuild cells to keep our immune system strong.

    On the go protein

    At Sprouts, we recognize how important getting enough protein is and now, we’ve made it easier than ever for you to get your fill, with surprisingly delicious options you might not find anywhere else. Save time with nutritious heat-and-eat breakfast bites, meals, and grab-and-go protein drinks! Looking for a power-packed snack? Satisfy your cravings with crunchy chips, savory meat sticks, frozen desserts and creamy yogurt! Plus, unique varieties of bars, supplements and shakes.

    Plant-powered goodness

    A plant-based diet doesn’t mean depriving yourself of protein! Now, plant-based pastas, meatless meats and convenient frozen entrees are made with protein-dense beans, wheat, potato and soy. Even if you’re looking to swap out a few meaty meals during the week so you can get more plants on your plate, you can feel satisfied with hearty options to keep you full.

    Meat your match

    At Sprouts, we care about providing the best, high-quality meats, poultry and 100% sustainably sourced seafood to you and your family so you can enjoy nutritious, protein-rich meals and snacks. Explore fresh, organic, non-GMO, USDA choice options right at the butcher’s counter or pre-packaged selections that are tender and flavorful.

    Keep your eye out!

    Products with higher levels of protein often tout the total amount per serving on the front of their package so it’s easy to find.

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    Gluten-free Goodness

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    Gluten-free Illustration

    gluten-free goodness!

    Gluten-free Illustration

    Discover gluten-free goodness!


    Whether you’re gluten-intolerant, have celiac disease or prefer to avoid it for other health reasons, you know how hard it can be to shop for unique gluten-free foods. The good news is that Sprouts is dedicated to helping you find all your favorite gluten-free items, and many more! With options like decadent cupcakes, frozen pizza pockets and protein-packed chickpea pasta, we’re proud to help make your gluten-free journey as easy (and delicious!) and possible.

    Creamy Grits Bowl

    Making the switch

    Gluten is a protein found in grains like wheat, barley, rye, spelt and kamut. It’s part of what gives certain foods their structure and texture. Think about chewy bread or pizza dough—gluten is what creates that texture! If you’re looking to cut gluten from your diet, it doesn’t need to feel restrictive. There are so many amazing brands and products out there that are creating innovative gluten-free versions of your favorite foods … and Sprouts has ‘em!

    A simple way to know if an item is gluten-free is by learning to read your food labels and ingredient lists. Start by choosing foods that have a gluten-free certification on them and avoid ingredients like barley, malt and wheat flour. When you’re shopping at Sprouts, either online or in-store, we conveniently label items with a “gluten-free” icon or shelf tag so you can easily spot the products you need.

    Tips for shopping gluten-free

    Preparing a grocery list for your gluten-free diet doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul! You might already have a variety of items in your kitchen that are gluten-free like fresh produce, meat, eggs or dairy products, brown rice and corn. However, you may need to swap out your other staples like bread, oats, cereals, crackers, some dressings/sauces and other items with gluten. Sometimes, gluten can be used as a stabilizer, emulsifier and thickening agent in unexpected places like flavoring and spice mixes, frozen foods, candy, sauces and more. So be sure to check your labels to ensure they’re free from these additives!

    Here’s a quick (and clean) list to kickstart your next trip:

    • Any fresh fruit and vegetables. (Nature’s gluten-free treat!)
    • Brown and white rice
    • Lentil or chickpea pasta
    • Gluten-free waffle and pancake mix
    • Grain-free tortilla chips
    • Gluten-free crackers
    • Any unseasoned meat and seafood
    • Eggs
    • Oils and nut butters

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    Choose Organic

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    Organic Products Illustration

    Organic goodness, from seed
    to store!

    Organic Products Illustration

    Organic goodness, from seed to store!


    At Sprouts, we’re dedicated to providing you and your family with thousands of organic items that extend far beyond our farm-fresh produce. From our high-quality meat, dairy and cheese, to our aisles brimming with your everyday meal essentials and delicious organic treats or on-the-go snacks, we have everything you need for an all-organic diet.

    Organic Veggies

    The organic difference

    Organic foods are a healthier choice compared to their conventional counterparts because they follow a strict set of agricultural guidelines and standards. This includes avoiding the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, antibiotics and genetically modified ingredients.

    Organic items are also produced in a way that helps preserve the environment and natural resources through more sustainable farming practices, helping improve our soil, air and water quality. In order to carry the USDA Certified Organic seal, farmers, ranchers and food processors must go through a thorough verification process by a USDA-accredited certification agency.

    Making the switch

    Since many of your grocery-list favorites and exciting new items are available in organic at Sprouts, it’s easier than ever to make the switch. Next time you make your shopping list, simply swap your staples with organics items. Are eggs, coffee and bread always on your list? Start there! As you shop for more and more organic groceries each week, eventually your refrigerator and pantry will be stocked with plenty of organic goodness you and your family can feel good about.

    Here are a few reasons to shop organic:

    • Organic fruit and vegetables may contain higher nutritional values than conventional ones.
    • Shopping organic goods can reduce your exposure to synthetic pesticides, antibiotics and GMOs.
    • Organic farms can help preserve water and soil resources.
    • Organic products help promote earth-friendly and sustainable farming practices.

    Pro tip: Shop in-season!

    We’re proud to offer some of the freshest, most unique produce items every season. Save time and money on your favorite organic produce items while they’re in season by purchasing large quantities and freezing them to use when needed.

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