Unata Shortcodes

Unata Customer Barcode Code Example

Use the following HTML Component to load the customer’s barcode on any page.

Unata Product Cell Shortcode Example

To find the appropriate product id for an item, find the product on https://shop.sprouts.com and grab the product id from the URL. Please note that the catalogs on Unata PRD and Unata UAT differ, therefore the product ids will not be the same.

For example, the id for almond butter-filled pretzels is 221585. The product id is included in the URL before the product name. https://shop.sprouts.com/product/221585/almond-butter-filled-pretzels

Unata Product Collection Shortcode Example

To use a Unata product collection, the collection must be manually created in the Unata Dashboard. Please reach out to the Sprouts team to have a collection created. Please note that Unata dashboard has separate environments for Unata PRD and Unata UAT differ, therefore the collection ids will not be the same. The example on this page is a collection created for Hero Digital’s development.