Meals & Catering

Order Meals to Go & Party Platters

Hosting a party or entertaining guests for the holidays? Order holiday meals to go, sandwich platters, fruit platters, veggie platters or dessert platters.

We begin by hand selecting peak-of-season produce, slicing the perfect cuts of meat and cheese and choosing high-quality ingredients. Each tray is handcrafted and artfully arranged with farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, savory meats and cheese, hearty sandwiches and delectable desserts. Don’t forget! While picking up your catering trays, Sprouts also has a great selection of fresh produce, natural meats, refreshing beverages and wholesome groceries to complement any festivity.

Our Order Process

  1. You will have to visit our catering department in our product catalog.
  2. If you haven’t already you will need to change your shopping mode to “Place a Catering Order.”
  3. Select the store and time slot that you wish to pick up your items from.
  4. Select the catering items you would like to order.
  5. Place your catering order and pick up at your store.
Make sure you order 24 – 48 hours in advance to allow us time to prepare your items.
Video description: Placing a Catering Tray Order Tutorial