We Go the Extra Mile

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Sprouts Brand Products for LunchWe seek out specially imported and better-for-you items to create unique taste experiences. Learn more about our authentically sourced products.

Market Corner Organic Bread

Made with 100% organic whole-wheat flour, our organic breads feature hearty whole grains and come in five nutritious varieties, including thin sliced!

Market Corner Sliced Cheese

Our rBST-free Market Corner cheeses have no added hormones and are made from creamy, whole milk for a difference you can taste.  

Butcher Shop Air-chilled Organic Chicken

Our Butcher Shop Air-chilled Organic Chicken is fed a certified organic diet while having plenty of access to the outdoors. With better flavor and texture, our organic chicken is tender and incredibly juicy.  

Did you know?

Air-chilled chicken is cooled by passing the meat through several chambers to be blasted by cold, purified air. This results in a more tender chicken since it’s not submerged in ice water to cool and absorb any excess. It’s also kind to the earth, saving 30,000 gallons of water every day. 

Mango and Pineapple Juices

Taste the tropics—with every sip! Enjoy 100% juice made with the sweetest, ripest mangos and pineapples from the Philippines. 

Cheese Bites

Our poppable, protein-packed cheese bites are made with 100% Italian cheese and are gluten- and lactose-free. They’re oven-baked for an incredibly crisp, crunchy bite that is sure to satisfy the cheese lover in us all.   

Vegan Pesto

A vibrant addition to any pasta dish; this pesto is sourced from Italy, completely vegan and very, very tasty. Spread on sandwiches or toss with cooked angel hair or penne for a simple, delicious meal in minutes.

Dark Chocolate Dipped Coconut Rolls

Imported from Thailand, these light, crispy rolls are made with real coconut milk and dipped in rich dark chocolate for an incredibly unique, sweet flavor experience.