Warming Up to Frozen Foods

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For many of our customers, Sprouts is the destination for finding the best values on the freshest ingredients in town. Did you know that we carry a wide assortment of wholesome and natural frozen foods, as well? Whether you’re looking for convenient meals, fruits and vegetables or if you just can’t get enough of our famous Sprouts Pinã Colada Fruit Bars, we’ve got you covered! We even have an impressive selection of specialty items, like gluten-free breads and a host of non-dairy ice creams. Still not sure how you feel about frozen foods? Here are the top four reasons to start warming up to the freezer section:

Frozen Foods are Nutritious and Delicious

Two of the major misconceptions with frozen fruits and vegetables is that they are not as nutritious and have less flavor compared to their fresh counterparts. It might be hard to believe but in some cases, frozen foods can actually be more nutritious than choosing fresh. During the freezing process, fruits and vegetables are chosen at their peak ripeness then are blanched and flash-frozen to lock in their nutrients and flavor.

Frozen Foods are a Great Value

Not only do frozen foods often cost less than buying fresh, they have a much longer shelf life. Frozen foods can also be more easily portioned and stored for later use, which reduces spoilage and food waste and increases the overall value.

Frozen Foods are a Sensible Choice

Frozen foods can be a great choice for those seeking well-balanced and nutritious meals or snacks. Not only do they make nutritional information readily available, many of our frozen foods also feature single-serving packs and are resealable making it a cinch to count calories and avoid food waste. Better yet, we feature a wide selection of low-calorie, great-tasting frozen novelties as well.

Frozen Foods are Convenient

After a long day at work, the last thing you probably want to do is cook a gourmet meal from scratch. Thankfully, you’ll find an array of frozen foods that can make whipping up a home-cooked meal a breeze.

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