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Stonyfield Organic yogurtWhen cows are 100% grassfed, they eat all grass (no grain, no corn), all the time, all year long! Because of this, the milk has a rich, unique taste. It’s simple, and it’s simply delicious. As a matter of fact, it is certified 100% Grassfed by the PCO*. There are four delicious flavors in the six-ounce singles. Plain and vanilla flavors are available in a convenient 24-ounce size. So whether you are snacking, cooking or adding your own fresh fruits, there is an option for you. Stonyfield Organics takes the time to support family farms and strives to be good citizens of the planet by taking environmental concerns seriously. That’s what makes Stonyfield products more than just delicious. *The PCO 100% Grassfed certification program establishes an optional additional certification scope for operations that are certified organic under the USDA National Organic Program regulations. To learn more about PCO’s 100% Grassfed standards, visit Learn more about them @Stonyfield on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest, or visit to find out more.