Cheers to the Best Non-Alcoholic Spirits and Cocktails

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Cheers to the Best Non-Alcoholic Spirits and Cocktails

Crafted with unique, refreshing flavor combinations and natural botanicals, these social tonics give you the delicious buzzy taste you’re looking for without the alcohol.

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Kin Euphorics

Kin Euphorics is a non-alcoholic, functional beverage designed with ingredients that nourish the mind and body. Adaptogens to help you manage stress, nootropics to support brain cognition and botanicals to elevate taste. Carefully layering these powerful ingredients helps you tune your mood and support your overall wellness.

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Free AF

All the flavor, taste and sensation of your classic cocktails—without the alcohol. Free AF drinks are made with Afterglow, a natural botanical heat extract that mimics the pleasant warmth of alcohol. Perfect for those who want to enjoy an adult, sophisticated drink but still want to feel fresh.

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Little Saints

Enjoy cocktail classic flavors and aromatics without the sugar or next-day hangover. Little Saints uses organic reishi mushroom and botanical terpenes in place of alcohol for a mind-elevating drinking experience so you don’t have to choose between having fun and feeling good.

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De Soi

De Soi apéritifs effortlessly marry a passion for plants and better-for-you ingredients with big, bold flavors and feel-good adaptogens to help you create, relax and celebrate. De Soi spritzes are mindfully crafted with culinary botanicals like yuzu, lemongrass and rosemary, then mixed with mind-mellowing adaptogens like L-theanine, lion’s mane, and reishi mushroom. The result is a not-too-sweet drink that’s truly fun to sip on while still allowing you to feel present and engaged. 


Craft mocktails made for alcohol-free moments. Infused with guayusa and calming adaptogens, they taste and feel like your favorite cocktails without the consequences. Plus, they’re low calorie, low sugar and made with all real fruit.

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Sip, Sip Hooray! Pour yourself a glass of something fruity and fun.

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Tend Your Own Bar with Better-for-You Mocktails

Use these fun-non alcoholic drink recipes as inspiration to create your own summer spritzers.