Onions: 10 Tips to Skip the Tears

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Red Onion cut in halfThere’s nothing quite like the smell of sautéed onions, slightly browned and caramelized. However, getting from here to there can leave you in tears—until now. Try one or more of these tips for a dry-eyed onion experience.
  1. Use a very sharp knife. This will cut through the cells cleanly and quickly, releasing fewer of the enzymes that form sulfuric acid and assault your tear ducts.
  2.  Cut out a “cone” around the core of the onion, where it attaches to the root (the most tear-inducing part).
  3. Cut the onion near running water.
  4. Soak the onion in water before cutting, or even freeze it for 10 minutes
  5. Chew on a bagel chip or piece of toast or bread, or even gum, while cutting.
  6. Breathe through your mouth.
  7. Wear safety goggles or a mask to keep the gases from reaching your eyes.
  8. Light a candle in the room to help burn off the sulfur compounds.
  9. Stick out your tongue while cutting, and keep it out. (The sulfur compounds apparently go to the nearest moisture, and better your tongue than your tear ducts.)
  10. Cut the ends off the onion, stick it a few times with a toothpick, wrap it in a paper towel and microwave for 60 seconds.