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Farm-fresh Produce

Sprouts Farmers Market partners with farmers across the country to bring goodness into each of our communities. We strive to choose farms that promote healthy, clean farming practices to bring you and your family the best produce!

Crist Orchards Family Photo

Crist Bros. Orchards

Since 1883, members of the Crist family have been farming in Orange County, New York. By 1927, their family farm in Walden had transitioned to become one of the first on-farm apple storage facilities in the Hudson Valley region. Today, Crist Bros. farms 600 acres of orchards, producing approximately 500,000 bushels of a dozen unique apple varieties including SnapDragon, SweeTango, RubyFrost and Golden Delicious. They are constantly striving toward increased sustainability, with water and environmental conservation measures at the heart of their business. Crist Bros. considers their employees their most valued asset, with about 80 people employed year-round and closer to 150 at the peak of their growing season!

Fish Creek Orchards Family Photo

Fish Creek Orchards

With farms in Waterport, New York, Fish Creek Orchards produces a wide variety of delicious apple crops including Honeycrisp, SweeTango, Gala, Ambrosia, SnapDragon, Fuji and Pink Lady. Their legacy began in 1980, when Rod Farrow traveled from England to learn the ins and outs of fruit production from New York grower, George Lamont. Farrow took over ownership of the 500-acre farm in 2009 and later opted to continue the line of succession by selling his stake in the business to local grower Jason Woodworth and general manager Jose Iniguez, the latter of whom immigrated from Mexico at age 19 to work on Lamont’s farm. Today, Woodworth and Iniguez run Fish Creek, cultivating the unique terroir of New York State into great-tasting apples. Their orchards are found on the shores of Lake Ontario, which means the lake-effect elements keep their trees warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The result is a crisp, sweet apple that can’t be beat!

Fix Bros Orchards with Owner

Fix Bros. Fruit Farm

The Fix Bros. Fruit Farm was established in 1899 when John Henry Fix emigrated from Germany. He gradually added acres, enlarging his orchards in Hudson, New York over the years. Decades later, his descendants purchased an adjoining farm and planted additional orchards, starting a “Pick your Own” operation selling cherries, peaches and apple orchards to the public. Today, the farm is operated by the fifth generation of the Fix family, producing a variety of apple crops including Ginger Gold, Honeycrisp, McIntosh and EverCrisp®. “New York has the perfect growing climate for apples. We have wet springs in the Hudson Valley, nurturing our young apple buds and blossoms as they grow,” says Bob Fix. “The flavor of New York apples is unparalleled!”

Red Jacket Orchards with Owner and product

Red Jacket Orchards

The Nicholson Family founded Red Jacket Orchards in 1958, in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York, where they mastered the art of harvesting and pressing premium fruits and juices. Their mission is to inspire purposeful, healthier choices by making delicious and nutritious foods. For three generations, the Nicholsons have been producing quality ciders and juices without added water, sugar or preservatives—and never from concentrate. Their apple cider Is a unique blend that delivers a rich and nostalgic flavor. It’s cold-pressed and unfiltered, making it as close to eating whole fruit as you can get!