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Discover Gluten-Free Must-Haves

With options like cold-pressed juices, frozen pizza and artisan breads, we’re proud to make your
gluten-free journey as easy (and delicious!) as possible.
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Making the switch

If you’re looking to cut gluten from your diet, it doesn’t need to feel restrictive. There are so many amazing brands that are creating innovative, gluten-free versions of your favorite foods, just look for the “gluten-free” icon or shelf tag so you can easily spot the products you need.

Tips for shopping gluten-free

  • Most of your staples like produce, meat, eggs, dairy products, brown rice and corn are already gluten-free!
  • Swap out items like bread, oats, cereals, crackers and dressings/sauces.
  • Check your labels! Gluten can be used as a thickener for flavoring and spice mixes, frozen foods, candy, sauces and more.

Here’s a quick (and clean) list to kickstart your next trip:

  • Any fresh fruit and vegetables. (Nature’s gluten-free treat!)
  • Brown and white rice
  • Lentil or chickpea pasta
  • Gluten-free waffle and pancake mix
  • Grain-free tortilla chips
  • Gluten-free crackers
  • Any unseasoned meat and seafood
  • Eggs
  • Oils and nut butters

Fill Your Basket with Gluten-free Favorites

We’ve compiled some of our favorites to make your next shopping trip easier and tastier! So grab your pen—you don’t want to forget these on your grocery list!

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Serve up a delicious, mouth-watering, guilt-free and gluten-free crunchy pocket from MingsBings. Made with hidden veggies and filled with protein for a nutritional meal ready in less than 16 minutes.
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Perfected in northern Italy, Schär is serving up soft and delicious gluten-free bread. Baked fresh and without preservatives, this will be your new go-to for sandwiches, croutons and more!
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Daiya Foods

You don’t need to say goodbye to pizza, grab a slice of crispy, thin gluten-free pizza! Daiya Pizzas are topped with plant-based meats and veggies, herby tomato sauce and Daiya’s signature dairy-free cheeses that melt just like the real thing.
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Suja Organic

Suja Organic provides foundational nutrition, one sip at a time. Their cold-pressed juices and shots are crafted with real, organic ingredients to support your daily wellness and
on-the-go nourishment.
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Vital Proteins

Trust your collagen and support your hair, skin, nails and joint health* with Vital Proteins! Sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows, there’s no hidden gluten in this powdered supplement, so you can feel good about your wellness journey.

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