4 Organic Recipes for Earth Month

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Take good care of our environment this Earth Month and cook up organic goodness with these delicious recipes! When you shop and eat organic, you’re choosing nutritious foods that are grown the way nature intended—without harmful pesticides or chemicals. When we restrict the use of these harmful chemicals in organic foods, we’re helping to improve the Earth’s soil and water quality. Plus, organic farming improves air quality by lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Apple, Spinach and Cucumber Juice

Fresh fruits and veggies combine to make a delightful juice full of nutrients for a delicious start to the day.

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apple spinach cucumber juice in a glass

Mandarin Orange Cream Popsicles

Enjoy a refreshing and cold cream popsicle with a crunch! These popsicles are made with fresh mandarins, Greek yogurt and cashew coconut granola.

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mandarin orange cream popsicles on a serving board

Balsamic Grilled Angus NY Strip with Raspberry Arugula Salad

Enjoy a sweet and savory salad that starts with arugula and berries and is topped with a perfectly grilled grass-fed steak.

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balsamic glazed NY steak with an arugula salad in a bowl

Simple Veggie Spring Rolls

Easy to make and delicious, enjoy spring roll wrappers filled with veggies and bright colors! Plus this one is super easy to swap with all your favorite peak-season produce items.

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spring rolls on a cutting board