5 Organic Recipes for Earth Month

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Taste the organic difference Organic pasta salad

Take good care of our environment this Earth Month and cook up organic goodness with these delicious recipes! When you shop and eat organic, you’re choosing nutritious foods that are grown the way nature intended—without harmful pesticides or chemicals. When we restrict the use of these harmful chemicals in organic foods, we’re helping to improve the Earth’s soil and water quality. Plus, organic farming improves air quality by lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Organic pasta salad

Whole Wheat Farfalle Pesto Pasta

Whole wheat pasta is combined with fresh pesto and warm roasted tomatoes for a deliciously healthy dish for the whole family.

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Organic mango black bean salad

Black Bean, Mango and Avocado Salad

This tasty black bean salad packs serious color and flavor with fresh mangos, avocados, corn and cilantro. Plus, it can easily be made ahead of time for simple meal prep!

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Organic crispy baked potatoes

Crispy Salt and Vinegar Potatoes

The irresistible tang of these crispy potatoes makes a tasty, poppable snack or a unique side dish. Pair them with any of your favorite dipping sauces!

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Organic black bean taco bowl

Easy Turkey & Black Bean Taco Bowl

Turkey and black bean taco bowls are great any day of the week! This recipe is full of nutrient-dense ingredients, protein and it’s gluten and dairy-free.

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Organic quinoa salad

Quinoa Salad with Zucchini and Tomatoes

This quinoa salad with zucchini and tomatoes is a light, refreshing and satisfying dish that’s ready to enjoy in only 30 minutes.

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