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Small steps in the right direction

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Healthy Choices

Overnight Oats

Simply start with a base of yogurt, milk and granola or rolled oats, then sprinkle in the add-ins to create your favorite flavor. Check out these recipes to help get you started!

Top 4: Grapefruit Recipes

Sprouts partnered with four registered dietitians to create recipes that include grapefruit.

Boost Your Juice with These Mix-ins

Need some inspiration to mix it up (pun intended)? Make a top-notch nutritious juice or smoothie with these mix-ins.

DIY Lemonade Station

A DIY lemonade station gives homage to the easy days of youth while exciting guests with add-ins like fruit and herbs.

An Opal a day…

Bright and tasty, Opal apples are deliciously different.

Happy and Healthy Travels

Traveling during the holiday season can be stressful on both your mental and physical health.

Catering Trays

Looking to make your holidays, get-togethers or parties a little easier? Take a load off and let Sprouts Deli prepare for you beautifully arranged catering trays.

The 30-Day Deodorant Detox Challenge

Join the 30-Day Deodorant Detox Challenge online! #deodorantdetox

Elli Quark

Founder, Preya Patel Bhakta challenged herself to solve two problems with the creation of Elli Quark.

The Honest Company

At Honest, giving back drives who they are and what they do.

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