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Healthy Choices

Warming Up to Frozen Foods

Before you skip over the frozen food section, freeze! Here are the top four reasons why frozen foods might just be your best friend.


This bubbly, mildly sweet elixir is distinctly different than kombucha. It's less acidic and more refreshing. Learn more about KeVita and enjoy a variety of low-calorie flavors.

Yogurt Mix-Ins

Whether you're looking for a mid-day snack or a late-night treat, it can be tough not to reach for those sweets. Instead of loading up on sugar and carbs, indulge in some healthier treats made with Greek yogurt. 

Top 7: Seasonal Wellness Foods

Instead of heading towards the medicine cabinet, try reaching for fresh foods that are full of beneficial nutrients to help get you through this spring season.

Festive St. Patrick's Day Foods

Eat, drink and be merry with these holiday-inspired recipes.

St. Patrick Day Dining

Celebrate in style with these festive green foods!

Top 6: Raw Superfoods and Their Health Benefits

Kickstart your day by adding these 6 powerful raw superfoods to your morning smoothie or oatmeal.

Non-Toxic Cleaners You Can Make at Home

Did you know you could avoid the toxins in most conventional cleaning products by making your own? Check out these recipes for homemade, non-toxic cleaners.

Herb Pharm

Whether you're looking to increase your energy and vitality or give your immune system a much-needed boost, Herb Pharm can help support your health goals.

March 2015 New For You

New items are always sprouting up at your local Sprouts Farmers Market throughout the month. Here are just a few new items you can find during your next shopping adventure. Availability may vary by location.