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Healthy Choices

Maca and Men

Often referred to as the "Peruvian Ginseng," maca can support a healthy, well-functioning body.

Stone Fruit

Learn how to select, store, prep and cook your favorite summer fruits. We're talking juicy peaches, sweet apricots, plums, mangoes, nectarines and Rainier cherries.

Sprouts Brand Products

Check out the behind the scenes details of Sprouts Brand products here!

Achieving Steak Perfection

So, how exactly can you tell when your steak is to your preferred doneness? Here's an easy trick from our friends at The Spice Hunter.

Sprouts Catering Trays

Looking to make your holidays, get-togethers or parties a little easier? Take a load off and let Sprouts' Deli prepare for you beautifully arranged catering trays.

Homemade Peanut Butter

Often misunderstood as an "unhealthy" food, peanut butter is actually a good source of nutrition. Here's how to make it at home.


The cherry on top: DeeBee's TeaPops have won award after award for their innovation, packaging, taste and health benefits. So, you can have your TeaPops and eat them too!

Argo Tea

Don't miss out on the parTEA and try one of refreshing flavors available at Sprouts.

Your Guide to Grilling up Greatness

With May being National Barbecue Month, get your friends and family together to take in the fresh spring air while enjoying some smoky, saucy, messy-finger goodness.

Make Sun Safety a Daily Habit

Stay healthy this summer with sun smart lifestyle choices!