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Healthy Choices

Deep River Snacks

Deep River Snacks began with a vision for a company that focuses on giving back and making a difference in the community.

Grilling: Veg Out

If your barbeque menu begins and ends with beef brisket and chicken breasts, you may be letting something fall through the cracks!


CoffeeFlour™ is a new super-ingredient made from the fruit that surrounds the coffee bean.

DIY Lemonade Station

A DIY lemonade station gives homage to the easy days of youth while exciting guests with add-ins like fruit and herbs.

Sear-iously Good Burger Sauces

Check out these slather-worthy sauces and get the biggest bang for your burger!

Sprouts Brand Ice Cream & Gelato

Here’s the scoop—we’re just about to launch an all new, exclusive lineup of organic ice creams and gelatos under our very own Sprouts label! 

Zevia Soda

With 15 delicious flavors, Zevia is the smarter choice with zero calories, no artificial sweeteners, zero sugar and non-GMO. 

Kona Deep

Kona Deep Water comes from the deep oceans of Hawaii and offers the purity of a natural source with no additives and the hydration benefits of naturally occurring electrolytes.

Sprouts Catering Trays

Looking to make your holidays, get-togethers or parties a little easier? Take a load off and let Sprouts Deli prepare for you beautifully arranged catering trays.

World Fair Trade Day

Support World Fair Trade Day by checking out some of the brands that embrace authentic fair trade practices, sustainable livelihoods and environmental friendliness.