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Q: Why shop at Sprouts Farmers Market?

A: Sprouts is different from other food stores. It's a healthy grocery store offering fresh, natural and organic foods at great prices. Sprouts provides a low-pressure, easy-to-shop, highly affordable steppingstone to better eating. Our bright, beautiful stores offer a unique shopping experience for you to explore a great mix of everyday staples, specialty items and natural foods. Best of all, with our incredible bargains and overall low prices, you'll be able to fill your fridge without emptying your wallet.

Q: Is everything you carry natural or organic?

A. No. We have never believed in a one-size-fits-all approach, and have never wanted to preach or prescribe what you should buy. We offer lots of choices, and leave the selections up to you. We sell plenty of fresh produce, including organic varieties. Nearly all of our Grocery Department items contain natural ingredients, and so do many of the other products in the store. We do carry some conventional products to ensure we deliver value to our customers. Our goal is always to offer great values and find the right balance between quality ingredients, flavor and price.

Q: Is Sprouts really a farmers market? Do you carry more than produce?

A. We are a healthy grocery store that is inspired by farmers markets, and indeed trace our lineage back to a single fruit stand in San Diego. We are fully indoors, and are open 364 days a year. Inside, you'll find mountains of farm-fresh produce, but also thousands of pantry basics, baked goods, deli meats and cheeses, baby and pet foods, high quality all-natural meats and seafood, bins and barrels of bulk foods and so much more. We also offer thousands of gluten-free and alternative options for those with food sensitivities, plus an enormous selection of vitamins, supplements and natural body care products.

Q: Where is my nearest Sprouts store?

A. You can locate your nearest Sprouts store with our store finder; just enter your ZIP or city and state. There are now more than 200 Sprouts stores in Alabama, Arizona, California, Georgia, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Utah.

Q: What new locations are planned?

A. We are continuing to spread our roots at a rapid pace! Click here to find new stores expected to open in 2016.

Q: How can I get the best deals at Sprouts?

A. In addition to great prices every day, there are a dozen ways to save at Sprouts. Click here to learn how to save more in-store and online.

Q: What do you mean by "Double Ad Wednesday?"

A. Because our weekly ads run from Wednesday to Wednesday, it means that there are twice as many items on sale every Wednesday. Last week's sale items are in their final day, and this week's sale items are in their first day. This does not mean that the discounts are twice as high; merely that there are twice as many of them.

Q: How often do you run the Vitamin Extravaganza sales?

A. The Vitamin Extravaganzas offers 25 percent off all vitamins, supplements and health and body care, and we hold them at somewhat irregular intervals, several times a year. We do not announce the dates far in advance. Keep your eyes out in our weekly ads, on our sales page and on Facebook.

Q: Do you offer case discounts?

A. Yes. On most products, you will receive an automatic 10 percent discount when you purchase an entire case. This discount is not available during some of the larger promotions, such as the Vitamin Extravaganza.

Q: How do I get coupons for products at Sprouts?

A. The best approach is to download our official Sprouts mobile app, where you can find dozens of deals and enjoy instant savings with a single scan of your smartphone. Also, be sure to sign up for our monthly "In a Nutshell” eNewsletter, which highlights our newest mobile coupons. You can sign up for the "In a Nutshell" eNewsletter here.

Q: Do you accept digital coupons?

A. We are proud to announce that we now accept digital/mobile coupons on our official Sprouts mobile app. Take a moment to download the app—available for iPhone and Android—and discover dozens of deals on organic, natural and high-quality products! Sprouts does not accept digital/mobile coupons from third party apps.

Q: How is Sprouts able to keep its fresh produce prices so low?

A. First, our high sales volume. We are larger than many independent stores, and we sell a higher percentage of produce than most larger chain stores. We sell more, waste less, and that helps keeps prices low. Second, our deep roots in the produce business, dating back decades in many cases, enable us to secure great deals from farmers and brokers. Third, because we are a farmers market store, we focus on produce, and are willing to accept lower profit margins on fruits and vegetables than most other stores.

Q: What does "local" mean to Sprouts Farmers Market?

A. "Local food" commonly refers to food produced near the consumer. However, because the definition of "local" is still vague, retailers and consumers are left to decide what local food means to them. At Sprouts, we describe "local" as "made or produced in my state or within 500 miles." The ability to eat "locally" varies depending on the region's production capacity. People living in areas that are agriculturally productive year-round may have an easier time sourcing food that is grown in their state than those in arid or colder regions.

Our goal is always to offer great value and strike the right balance between quality, flavor and price.

Q: What makes Sprouts' meat of such high quality?

A. It's the combination of quality sourcing, product variety, old world butcher's handiwork, and outstanding value pricing. Most conventional supermarkets cut corners in one of these areas, but not Sprouts. We run our Meat Department the same way they used to in the older days – because we know how good it can be when things are done right. Remember, we shop here, too!

We use USDA Choice Natural Beef, because it's more flavorful than the "unnatural" choice and "Select" grade found in so many other stores. To qualify as an Old Tyme Beef supplier, ranches must meet Sprouts' natural standards before being considered – with sound animal husbandry techniques, corn-and-grain or grass-fed diets that are tested for pesticide residues, no growth hormones administered and antibiotic-free at the time of harvest.

Our meat is prepared by trained butchers in every store to our exacting specifications, using exclusive Sprouts cutting techniques to "read the grain" and produce the perfect cut.

Q: Do you carry organic meat?

A. Yes, in addition to Sprouts’ fresh, free-range organic chicken from our Old Tyme Butcher Shop, we offer several outstanding organic cuts of meat, from responsible vendors such as Sommers Organic.

Q: What do you mean by "bulk-cut" cheese?

A. To optimize value, we buy many cheeses in large wheels or blocks, and then cut them down into smaller blocks in store. In contrast, many other supermarkets sell cheese that has been sliced and cut elsewhere, meaning it is older and has had more opportunity to dry out.

Q: How do I find out how to prepare a bulk item I've purchased?

A. Bulk items' preparation instructions and nutrition information are available online in our Bulk Nutritional Information section or Bulk Preparation Information section.

Q: How do I know which vitamins or supplements to choose?

A. We feature more than 8,000 items* in our vitamins and supplements department, but there are resources there to assist you. First and foremost: our team members. They are well-trained, and will be happy to help you by asking the right questions and guiding you in the direction of products or resources that can assist you. In particular, ask about our Essential 4 program. Also, every one of our Vitamin Departments has a computer with software on which you (or our team members) can look up additional product information, possible interactions with prescription meds, and more.

*Total number of items may vary at each Sprouts location.

Q: How do I find out about a product and whether Sprouts carries it?

A. We don't yet have an online product list, but we are working on it! For now, please call your local Sprouts store for the most up-to-date information on whether an item is in-stock, available for special order, as well as other product-related information. Select your store to find contact information.

Q: How do I recommend or special-order a product?

A. We welcome product recommendations and evaluate these based on overall demand. The best way to submit a request is through our online contact form. We are also delighted to fulfill your special order whenever we can. Just ask the appropriate department manager in your local store either to recommend or to special-order a product.

Q: How do I request a new Sprouts location near me?

We welcome new store location requests but because of the volume we receive, we cannot respond individually. Store location decisions are made based on a formula that includes location, parking, competition, proximity to existing stores, transportation connectivity to other retail areas, retail synergies within a shopping center, location relative to distribution routes, incentives provided by states/municipalities/landlords and of course, cost. It typically takes two to four years between the identification of a site and the store opening. To suggest a location, please contact us; your interest is greatly appreciated.

Q: How do I submit a compliment or other feedback about my experience at Sprouts?

A. We welcome your feedback, and we take all customer input seriously. Please contact us, and select the "Comment" option.

Q: Why work at Sprouts Farmers Market?

A. Sprouts Farmers Market is firmly rooted in our brand purpose: inspiring healthy living for all.  It is a great place to work because you can feel good about the products you are selling. Sprouts encourages a friendly, healthy, upbeat working environment, and is proud to provide a competitive compensation package. Moreover, it is a growing company that has been expanding rapidly and adding thousands of new jobs each year. Learn more about working at Sprouts.

Q: How do I apply for a posted position at Sprouts?

A. Please see job postings and apply online at

Q: How do I request a donation or sponsorship from Sprouts?

A. Sprouts is committed to helping support deserving educational and non-profit organizations in the communities in which we operate through in-kind support. Learn more about our corporate giving philosophy and policies, and complete our Donation Application, on our  responsible retailing page.

Q: How can my organization raise money through the Sprouts SCRIP program?

A. Sprouts' Corporate Scrip Program offers community non-profit organizations a 5 percent discount on our gift cards, thus promoting healthy lifestyles while helping to raise funds for these organizations. To learn more and get started with scrip for your organization, visit our responsible retailing page.

Q: As a vendor, how can I apply to become a supplier to Sprouts?

A. Sprouts regularly reviews interested new vendors and new products for every department. Suppliers must meet significant capacity, distribution, insurance, marketing and other requirements in order to support our stores. To contact us to potentially do business with Sprouts, please visit Sprouts also brings a significant contingent to Expo West in Anaheim each March, and that is a good place to meet with us and show us your products.

Q: How do I submit a comment, question or technical issue about the website itself?

A. Please contact us via our customer contact form to provide your input. We cannot reply to all comments but we do read them, and greatly appreciate your feedback as we continuously improve our digital interactive tools to better serve you. This website continues to evolve, and we welcome suggestions about ways to improve its usefulness and ease of navigation.

Q: What if I have a question not answered here?

A. We'd love to help. Please complete our contact form. We aim to reply to inquiries as quickly and as helpfully as possible. We cannot reply to all comments, but we greatly appreciate your input as we seek to improve the Sprouts experience.

Q: As a current Sprouts vendor, how can I actively partner with Sprouts?

A: There are a variety of ways to partner with Sprouts. Contact your Category Manager for hot promotions and pricing, including participation in the weekly circular, Deals of the Month; or to create a custom-made program just for your brand. Sprouts' Marketing Team also has many innovative, exciting ways to partner, including the monthly In A Nutshell eNewsletter, the weekly eCircular, social media promotions, local store partnerships, grand opening events, educational opportunities, content and recipe sharing, and more. Click here for details on each of these programs.

Q: What is Sprouts Return Policy?

A. If for any reason you are not delighted with your purchase at Sprouts, we’ll be happy to exchange it or (with a proper receipt) refund your money. Visit for more information.

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