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Bulk Foods

Video Description: Learn how to shop in Sprouts Bulk Department. More details below.

Our bulk section can't be beat! We have hundreds of bins and barrels brimming with freshly roasted coffee beans, rice, nuts, dried fruits, granolas, trail mixes, baking essentials, spices and sweet treats. Indulge in irresistible treats like dark chocolate cashew clusters or good-for-you items like rolled oats. And, if you're looking for quick, grab ‘n' go bulk foods, shop our selection of prepackaged items.

The Bulk Department carries a great assortment of delicious products, including no sugar added, sugar-free, organic, natural items to meet your healthy lifestyle and dietary needs.

The beauty of buying in bulk is that you can scoop up as much or as little as you need—whether that's a teaspoon of turmeric or half a pound of granola. It's not only good for your wallet, it's also good for the environment.

Find your favorite items in right-sized prepackaged containers or in scoopable servings. Our bins and barrels are replenished often, so ingredients stay fresh.

How to Get Scoopin'

  1. Find your favorite items in our bulk bins.
  2. Fill the plastic bag with as much or as little as you like.
  3. Write the PLU number on a twist tie to place on the bag.
  4. Use a separate bag for each item. No mixing, please!
  5. Check out as usual. Our cashiers will weigh and price your purchases

Bulk Nutritional Information

To find nutritional information for your Sprouts bulk items, use our handy bulk nutritional info page.

Bulk Preparation Information

To find preparation information for your Sprouts bulk items, use our handy bulk preparation info page.

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