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Manitoba Hemp Hearts

When it comes to hemp foods, they strive to know as much as possible and be involved at every level—from seed to shelf.

Top 15: Must-Haves in a Gluten-Free Kitchen

The basic essentials for stocking a gluten-free fridge and pantry .

Van’s Simply Delicious™

At Van's Simply Delicious™, they believe that food can and should taste good, and be good for you too.

Healthy Pizzas Without a Dough Crust

Have you tried no dough pizza? They are healthier, gluten-free and optionally vegetarian dishes that are perfect for the grill.

Cook a Gluten-Free Easter

Easter can be a day of dietary landmines, especially for those with food allergies. Here is a delicious wheat-free menu plan for Easter Eaters.

Top 5: Good-Tasting & Gluten Free

Gluten free products have come a long, long way in taste and texture over the past few years. Our buyers and friends on Facebook offered up these suggestions for good-tasting alternatives to beat the wheat.


How two 20-something Canadians turned a small-town bakery into the multi-million-dollar empire of Glutino. 

Peanut Butter & Co.

The best thing since sliced bread is peanut butter to spread on that bread!

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