Start Fresh

Starting fresh can be easier than you think! Whether you’re making a big change or taking small steps along the way, your New Year’s resolutions start here! Kick-start your health goals and get inspired by these swaps, tips and ideas.

Not sure where to start?

Consider these helpful health-focused tips and products.

ghee, avocado oil, Epic grass fed beef tallow

Healthy Fats

Full, healthy fats are back in a big way! Get an abundance of omega-3s and fuel your active lifestyle with alternatives like ghee, MCT and avocado oils just to name a few.

TIP: Drop a spoonful of ghee into your morning coffee for a burst of energy, sauté your vegetables in grass-fed butter, or add sliced avocados to your baked potato for a switch up.

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Protein packed items - tuna, iconic protein, bonafide bone broth

Protein Packed

Protein is imperative in aiding recovery of stressed and overworked muscles while providing your body fuel to keep you full throughout the day.

TIP: Be sure to mix it into your smoothies, meal prep by slow cooking several chicken breasts at once or grill up some lean beef kabobs and serve with a salad for a healthy dinner.

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Start Fresh - Low-Sugar

Low Sugar

Satisfy your cravings without compromising your goals with these low-sugar options.

Switching over to a low-sugar, no-sugar diet can not only assist with weight loss goals but also promote overall wellness by supporting a healthy cardiovascular system and reducing inflammation.

TIP: Craving sweets? Be sure to reach for a piece of fresh or dried fruit. Replace sugar with spices like vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom or nutmeg so you can still enjoy drinks, oatmeal and yogurts without the added sugar content.

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