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From our kitchen to yours
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Healthy Choices

Leftover Cranberry Sauce & Yogurt Parfait

Pair this holiday parfait with leftover mashed potato pancakes or stuffing and turkey frittata.

Fig & Rosemary Sticky Glazed Turkey

Fig & Rosemary Sticky Glazed Turkey

Holiday guests won't forget this main dish!

Pumpkin Pancake Cake

Hosting a friends and family for a holiday gathering? Serve them a slice of this moist pumpkin pancake cake layered with sweet cream cheese icing.

Butternut Squash Soup

Fill your home with the cozy scent of this easy-to-make soup.

Pumpkin Crusted Salmon

Top flakey salmon with a sweet, brown sugar and pumpkin glaze for a festive holiday dish.

Grandmas Slow-Roasted Brisket

Slow and steady wins the taste! The fall-apart goodness of this delicious recipe is worth every hour. Beef brisket is simple and delicious. Plus, it makes your home smell amazing!

Roasted Beet Soup

Roasted Beet Soup

Colorful and sweet, this tasty beet soup is a wonderful first course for holiday meals

Caprese Lasagna

Zucchini noodles make this meal a delicious low-carb option!

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