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Cinnamon Braised Pears

Cardamom, cloves and cinnamon come together to create a fragrant and delectable dessert.

Roasted Spiced Apples & Pears

Roasted Spiced Apples & Pears

Packed full of flavor and color.

Spicy Mocha

Heat and chocolate meet in this tasty mocha!

Spooky Secret Cupcakes

These yummy chocolate cupcakes have a sweet surprise in the middle.

Peanut Chocolate Bars

These homemade healthier chocolate bars are the perfect way to fill sweet cravings.

Vanilla Whipped Cream

Add a little extra flavor to you whipped cream with Torani Signature Syrup.

Vegan Coconut Bars

Vegan Coconut Bars

Four simple steps is all it takes to make these tasty bars!

Fig and Walnut Puree Parfait

Served with a cream cheese mixture, this dessert will surely be a hit!

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