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From our kitchen to yours
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Recipe Categories

Healthy Choices

Grilled Apricots

Honey is drizzled over this tasty treat.

Berry and Chia Seed Quinoa

Berry and Chia Seed Quinoa

Vanilla yogurt, honey and fresh berries make this a tasty and filling breakfast!

Golden Milk Overnight Oats

Gluten-free and oh so colorful!

Pear and Date Skillet Cake

An easily blender-prepped, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and dairy free yet delicious Pear and Date Skillet Cake!

Apple Slaw

A plant-based side that everybody will enjoy!

Overnight Matcha Kiwi Chia Pudding

A superfood treat!

Jam Filled Cookie Pops

Jam Filled Cookie Pops

Your special someone will love these heart shaped treats made with love!

Ginger Spirulina Juice

Packed full of good-for-you ingredients.

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