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Healthy Choices

Walnut Cake

This rustic cake is warm and full of fall flavors. Plus, gluten-free foodies are sure to enjoy this not-too-sweet, flourless cake.

Easy Chipotle Chili

You can't go wrong with a good, spicy chili. Add a can of corn and green chiles for added texture and flavor.

Pumpkin in Honey Sauce

Mixed nuts and cinnamon make this sweet dish the perfect fall treat.

Pumpkin Pudding with Chia Seeds

Maple syrup and cinnamon add a sweet fall flavor to this healthy treat.

Pumpkin Snap Short Stack

A classic buttermilk pancake recipe with a pumpkin-y twist!

Hearty Black Bean & Pumpkin Soup

Topped with pumpkin seeds and parmesan, this hearty soup will warm up the dinner table.

Pumpkin Snap Quinoa Parfait

A healthy and filling pumpkin snack.

Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

A healthy twist on a sweet smoothie.

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