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Smoked Salmon Alfredo

Complete with a cashew alfredo sauce, this dish will quickly be a new favorite! By Pacific Sustainable Seafood.

Hummus Avocado and Lox Cracker Snacks

A colorful and tasty snack by Pacific Sustainable Seafood.

Morning Lox and Grain Breakfast Bowl

Full of fresh and filling ingredients by Pacific Sustainable Seafood.

Miso Honey Salmon

Roasted Halibut

Garlic and bell peppers add a tasty touch to this recipe by Pacific Sustainable Seafood.

Cookie Butter Blondies

A twist on a favorite!

Peas and Ham Omelette

A fresh and colorful dish.

Avocado and Raspberry Salad

Goat cheese, dill and pine nuts complete this colorful salad.

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