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Holiday Mocktail Mule

Holiday Mocktail Mule

Recipe Details

x 6 servings
Duration: 5 minutes


Quantity Ingredient
2 btl
Ginger Beer
3 C.
Cranberry juice
Juice of 1 lime
sweetener of your choice (sugar, agave nectar, honey) (optional)
For the Garnish:
Rosemary Sprigs
Fresh Cranberries
Granulated Sugar


  1. Create the garnish by lightly spraying cranberries and rosemary sprigs with water, then rolling in shallow dish filled with sugar.
  2. In a large pitcher, add ginger beer, cranberry juice, lime juice and preferred sweetener and stir. Serve chilled and garnish.
  3. TIP: To avoid watering down the mocktail, create ice cubes using cranberry and lime juice. Place fresh cranberries and rosemary in the ice cube tray before freezing for extra flair!
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