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An apple a day may not always keep the doctor away, but having more plants on your plate, and aiming for a diet rich in nutritious fruits and vegetables can help! Innovations in plant-based alternatives for grain, meat and dairy products, now offer so many more healthy, natural, convenient and tasty options everyone can benefit from!

New in Plant-Based

If you’re considering making a few swaps for plant-based or going all the way, we have the newest, most delicious options. Green means go!
Loma Linda taco filling and chipotle bowl

Loma Linda

When the bandwagon contains plant-powered protein, it’s okay to jump on. Loma Linda has created sustainable, vegetarian-friendly foods since 1890, that’s over 100 years of plant-based experience. Featuring a variety of tasty offerings, you’re only minutes away from your new favorite dish.
ripple pea milk


Give peas a chance! Heart- and kidney-friendly, pea protein is quickly becoming a whey alternative. Ripple uses a special filtration technique which removes impurities, beany flavor and chalky texture. So you can enjoy a smooth, creamy glass of “milk” any time.
mikey's pockets

Mikey’s Pizza Pockets

These savory pockets are filled with flavor and simple ingredients. Always free from dairy, gluten, soy and grain, each pocket is made with a flavorful, golden Paleo crust. Ready in just two minutes, they’re good-to-go!


When you’re scooping up nuts in our bulk bins, don’t skimp on walnuts! Loaded with heart-healthy omega-3s and antioxidants, these wonder nuts make a nutritious snack and the perfect trail mix-in.
IWI algae based DHA, omega-3 and EPA


Vegan, non-GMO and completely sustainable, these naturally potent sources of omega-3 are made of AlmegaPL™. This unique form of algae contains a long list of powerful antioxidants and carotenoids which protect your body from harmful free radicals.
Cece's Veggie co. Noodled organic butternut

Cece’s Veggie Company

Press pause on traditional pasta—and sub in some heart-healthy vegetables for a fresh spin. Perfectly packed and ready-to-go, these spiralized and riced veggies cut down on the prep time, helping you create a fresh, healthy meal that you can enjoy in minutes.
Gabriel Cosmetics

Gabriel Cosmetics

Makeup has gotten a natural makeover with innovative, sustainable ingredients and packaging. Completely vegan and free from parabens, lead, talc and phthalates, these beauty buys are cruelty-free which makes for a kinder routine.
Beyond Meat Plant-Based Burger

Beyond Meat

Pack a protein punch with incredible flavor and texture. Plant-based protein is a sustainable way to nourish your body and care for our natural resources. Free from soy, gluten and GMOs, these meats sizzle and satisfy like the real thing. Learn more about this trending item.
CedarLane Simply Plant Powered bowls

CedarLane Plant Powered Meals

Getting more plants on your plate is simple with flavorful CedarLane meals, completely free from dairy and gluten, and packed with plant-based nutrition. Enjoy surprising options like comforting mac & Cheeze, and zippy no-egg salad.
Dijas muffins and bites

Dijas muffins and bites

Satisfy your sweet tooth with wholesome, all-vegan options. Soft and chewy, these muffins and homemade cookies are full of taste but free from butter, eggs and honey. They’re a fresh, better-for-you option to start your day or end your meal.
Sprouts Coconut Vinegar

Sprouts Coconut Vinegar

Coconut vinegar contains essential amino acids which assists the metabolic process and supports detoxification throughout the body.  You can use coconut vinegar as an apple cider vinegar replacement. Whisk into salad dressing, marinades or combine with warm water and lemon for a healthful tonic. 
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