Bulk bin items including rice, lentils and beans

How To Save Money On Groceries

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Save money and reduce waste this year with Sprouts! Shop our mountains of always-fresh colorful produce and scoopable bins of bulk snack, treats, and pantry staples.

Did you know?

There are certain ways to store different foods once you bring them home. Some items need to be placed where it’s coldest in the refrigerator, like fish or poultry, while other things like apples, can remain on the countertop until ripe. Check out this helpful article to learn how to waste less in 2020!

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Tips for Shopping Bulk

  • Only scoop what you need
  • Utilize re-usable bags
  • Store snacks, nuts, seeds and grains in glass jars for easy organization

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Healthy Recipes Using Bulk Nuts & Dried Fruits

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Weekly meal planning

Plan Ahead

Planning your meals for the week before you head to the grocery store helps ensure you aren’t over buying.

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