Let’s get mild!

What can’t coconuts do? With their electrolytes and antioxidants, they provide our bodies with a wealth of health.


Now, we can enjoy them in a pure, vinegar form. With its mild taste, you’ll easily incorporate this into your diet for a very happy belly.

Did you know?

Coconut vinegar contains essential amino acids which assists the metabolic process and supports detoxification throughout the body.

Sprouts coconut vinegar with whole and halved coconut

pH balancing act

The ecosystem of our bodies is a delicate one. In order to maintain our body’s own natural acidic balance, we can introduce alkaline foods easily into our snacks and meals. By incorporating coconut vinegar into a balanced diet, we can support digestion and help counteract acid-forming foods like meat, milk, coffee and sugar.

A hearty breakfast with sausage, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, orange juice, coffee, cream and fruit
Olive oil and coconut vinegar mix to make a vinaigrette for salads

Did you know?

You can use coconut vinegar as an apple cider vinegar replacement. Whisk with olive oil for a simple dressing, add it to marinades for a tangy kick or combine with warm water and honey for a healthful tonic.



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