Cognition recognition

With our attention being divided between the 978,321 things we do every day, it’s no wonder that all of this multitasking has us feeling a little foggy.

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With natural cognitive boosters, we may be able to improve our mental acuteness, focus and perceptive ability.

Did you know?

The herb bacopa has been used in India as a natural nootropic for thousands of years. Ancient scholars attested to its ability to help with comprehension and recollection.

The herb bacopa promotes comprehension and recollection
Artichokes, vitamins and Ciltep

The new in nootropic

New products like Ciltep, a natural nootropic, use ingredients like artichoke, vitamins and amino acids which encourage the synergy between neural synapses in the brain. This may help in:

  • Memory formation
  • Problem solving
  • Concentration
  • Mental endurance
  • Elevated mood