It’s different and we like it.

What do you get when you combine active probiotics, classic soda flavors and a crisp, bubbly sip? Live Soda—a true soft drink alternative!

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Starts with …

Live Soda starts with a SCOBY—a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast … and well, it looks like this:

Unique - Live

A Happy Combination

But once combined with a handful of healthful and delicious ingredients … it tastes like this:


Pucker up!

Live’s Sparkling Drinking Vinegars provide enough gut-balancing bacteria to have you feeling refreshed in no time. Raw apple cider and coconut vinegars are lovingly combined with real fruit juice for a tart taste that will wake up your taste buds. Pop open a bottle and sip on something better.



Bone Broth