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If you’ve been riding the veggie train or just hopping on to see where it takes ya, you’ll find some surprising meat alternatives along the way.

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Pack a protein punch with an improved taste from yesteryear.

Alternative Meats - Quinoa Burger

But what’s it made of?

With a variety of options available, you’ll enjoy meatless burgers, “chicken” fingers and “meat” crumbles made from wholesome pressed pea protein, tempeh and beans. Better options with better flavor! Seasoned with savory, aromatic herbs and blended to a texture that is undeniably meaty.

The missing link

Nothing says summer like a big, juicy hotdog right off the grill and just because you’re steering clear of meat doesn’t mean you can’t get your frank fix. With a seasoned mix of minced vegetables and good-for-you grains, the same sausage snap that happens when you bite into a perfectly cooked hotdog happens in these meatless varieties too.

Alternative Meats - Two Veggie Hot Dogs