The New Primal Marinades

Whole30™ and Paleo approved, each savory marinade provides flavor without the preservatives or anything artificial.

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Did you know?

The New Primal creates savory marinades by using real ingredients like pineapple, lemon, ginger and thyme. Free from dairy, oil, gluten and artificial preservatives, these marinades take the guesswork out of prep work.

The New Primal
Pork Ribs

Easy does it!

Marinate your meats, veggies or tofu for at least six hours in the fridge before grilling, roasting or pan frying. Marinating meats can be beneficial for flavor but also the overall cooking experience. Meats that have been marinated are juicier, more tender and can cook at higher temperatures without overdrying. Marinades act as a protective barrier against high heat and because of the natural acids used, like lemon or lime juice, may slow the growth of harmful bacteria. Remember to never use uncooked marinade!