Seaweed may not be a weed after all, but this edible algae offers important amino acids, vitamins and minerals—all while tasting pretty good.

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These oceanic sheets aren’t just for sushi anymore—with so many delicious options you can snack easily on this super green stuff.

Did you know?

Seaweed is rich in iodine and tyrosine which can support a healthy thyroid gland.

Seaweed in an underwater scene
Seaweed Salad

The seaweed game has changed

With a continued interest in healthier snacking, we are always looking for a one-stop shop for nutrients and taste. Seaweed has reemerged as a major player and now you can have seaweed outside the roll! Grab a bag of baked and uniquely flavored seaweed for a salty crunch or pick up a seaweed salad to go, for a refreshing bite.

Did you know?

Seaweed has commonly been associated with Eastern farming cultivation, but archeological evidence has shown that seaweed has been gathered for food and medicinal purposes in Chile for over 20,000 years.

Seaweed on the coast of a beach