Make room for macarons.

You won’t have to travel far to experience the authentic taste of craft macarons. Imported from France, our Sprouts Brand macarons are made with fine almond flour and baked to an airy lightness. These quarter-sized bites pack a ton of flavor!

Photo of brown, pink and green macarons

Where did they originate?

It’s no mystery that these vibrant confections are delicious—but their origins seem to be less obvious. Whether they were brought over to France by Venetian pastry chefs or made in the confines of a Cormery commune—one thing is certain, when they’re made with only the best ingredients, these treats can’t be beat.

Did you know …

Macarons' unique texture comes from a superfine almond flour. When combined with whipped egg whites, fluffy confectioners’ sugar and baked just right, you’ll have the perfect base to layer velvety fillings like pistachio, raspberry or lemon.

Wooden bowl with spoonfuls of almond flour and raw almonds with rice on bottom of bowl


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