Give your gut some friendly support with each refreshing sip of bubbly Health-Ade Kombucha. Available in a variety of flavors like Bubbly Rose, Cayenne Cleanse, Power Greens and more, each is crafted in small batches for a unique drinking experience.

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Did you know?

Health-Ade uses Certified R.A.W.® (Real Alive Whole) ingredients which add to the smooth, clean taste! Each small batch contains cold-pressed juice from the freshest, organic produce.

Gut check

Fermented beverages may improve gut health due to their probiotic qualities. But how those probiotics come to be, is a true labor of love. Fermentation occurs when bacteria, yeast and enzymes are allowed to slowly feed on the sugars from natural tea and fruit over time—about four weeks. The end result is a sweet-sour concoction that may detoxify organs, balance stomach bacteria and promote a happier belly!

Kombucha Glasses