Dragon Fruit Benefits

As mythical looking as its name suggests, the dragon fruit or pitaya, is an edible pod that grows off of flowering cacti.

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But don’t let the spiny exterior fool you, the very mild interior can be mixed into a variety of dishes for a powerful burst of nutrients.

Did you know?

Pitaya has been used in beauty remedies for years due to its high levels of naturally occurring antioxidants. Applying a thin paste of the macerated fruit to the face may promote skin health and may reduce inflammation after sunburn.

Sliced dragon fruit

Slaying the dragon fruit

After thoroughly washing the outside, cut your pitaya in half. Remove the interior with a spoon and chill. You can eat your fruit alone, but it may be best in smoothies, puddings, bowls and dressings.

Dragon fruit smoothies
Dragon fruit drink with mint and lime

Sip sweetly

Make a refreshingly exotic soda with just a handful of ingredients. Combine the pulp of one dragon fruit with lime juice, mint, soda water and simple syrup. Serve chilled and take your taste buds on trip!