Cleveland Kraut

Kick up your kraut! These flavorful krauts are raw, unpasteurized and lacto-fermented which means they are crunchier and full of good-for-you probiotics.

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Fermented foods in a mason jar

Did you know?

Maintaining the plate and palate balance keeps our diets varied and interesting. Incorporating fermented foods, which are typically sour, helps round out the flavor profile of any meal and can actually promote the digestion and absorption of vital nutrients.

Home Grown

Growing up with the farmer’s market close at hand, the guys at Cleveland Kraut understood fresh, real food. By combining their passion for authentic ingredients and innovation, they’ve created a line of kraut that is mind-blowingly tasty. Go ahead, give it a try on sandwhiches, soups, rice and stirfrys.

Farmer's Market

Did you know?

Sauerkraut is rich in vitamin K2, which is vital to bone health. This vitamin activates two proteins whose purpose is to bind calcium, the main proponent of strong bones.

Homemade sauerkraut bowl