Thousands of years ago …

These grains may be ancient, but their flavor is as fresh as ever.

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Our Sprouts Brand Organic Ancient Grain Blends combine vibrant vegetables and savory herbs with rice, spelt or quinoa for a side that will stand up to any main dish.

Did you know …

Quinoa is a complete protein, containing all nine essential amino acids. Mix that into riboflavin-rich rice and a robust helping of vegetables and you’ve just upped the side-dish ante.

Ancient grains - Quinoa, rice and veggies on white wood

We call them ancient …

Because they are! These grains include quinoa, spelt, barley and farro and have been around since the Neolithic Revolution … which was over 10,000 years ago!

Ancient grains
Bowl of Ancient Grains, veggies and salmon

Make it a meal!

Add protein like roasted chicken, salmon or tofu for a hearty and simple meal in minutes.

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