Holiday FAQs


How do I place an order?

  1. Make a selection above by clicking a product tile on
  2. Change your shopping mode to “Place a Catering Order,” by selecting the shopping list icon in the top left-hand corner and toggling to “Place a Catering Order.”
  3. Select the store and time slot that you wish to pick up your items from.
  4. Select the items you would like to order. Remember, some of our stores may have more items available than listed online, so we encourage you to call them if you don’t see what you are looking for.
  5. That’s it! Place your holiday order and pick up at your store on the date selected. Due to popular demand, if you miss your pick-up time, we may have to cancel your reservation.

How can I change or cancel my order?

To cancel or make a change to your holiday order, please reach out to the store where you plan to pick up the order. Our friendly team members will be happy to assist you.

How do I prepare my holiday meals?

Check out our easy preparation instructions.

How does the pricing work for centerpiece meats?

Estimates are provided as weight is unknown until picked up at the store. Final price will be based on weight at checkout. Payment is due upon pick up.

What are the suggested quantities per person?

Fresh Turkey: 1 lb. per person Spiral Sliced Ham: 3/4 lb. per person Beef Rib Roast: 1 lb. per person

What are your store holiday hours?

Thanksgiving Day: 7AM – 4PM Christmas Eve: 7AM – 7PM Christmas Day: Closed New Year’s Eve: 7AM – 8PM New Year’s Day: Regular Store Hours


Do your turkeys come cooked?

Our always fresh, never frozen natural and organic turkeys are ready-to-cook. If you’re interested in a prepared meal, check out our selection of fully prepared meals with a variety of delectable sides.

Can I order additional sides?

Extra sides are available for purchase at the store.

Are the cranberries whole?

The cranberries provided with the meals are whole, cooked cranberries with a chunky, relish-like consistency – not canned cranberry sauce.

What is the salt/sodium content of Sprouts’ turkeys?

There are no enhancers or salt-based solutions added to our turkeys … just pure turkey!

What breed are the turkeys?

Sprouts’ turkeys are a broad breast white breed.

What is different about an organic turkey?

An organic turkey is fed a Certified Organic diet. Our organic turkeys are free-range, humanely raised on family farms and never receive antibiotics, ever.

What is different about an air-chilled organic turkey?

Each turkey is air-chilled with cool, purified air for less excess water. You can expect an incredibly delicious turkey with richer flavor and the most delicate texture.

What are Sprouts turkeys fed?

Our fresh, never frozen, all-natural turkeys are fed a natural corn-based diet with a supplement of vitamins and minerals to ensure all nutritional needs are met.

Are Sprouts’ turkeys gluten-free?

While turkeys are inherently gluten-free, our turkeys are not certified gluten-free as we cannot guarantee there has not been cross-contamination.

Are the turkeys Non-GMO?

Only the Organic Turkeys are certified as being fed non-GMO products and therefore are non-GMO turkeys.

Are the Sprouts fresh turkeys frozen?

Sprouts turkeys are always fresh, never frozen. Fresh turkeys, like those carried at Sprouts, are highly perishable so they may have some ice in the cavity. This means that they’ve been kept at the right temperature for optimum freshness and safety. Unlike “frozen solid” turkeys, which are typically brought down to 30 degrees below zero, the fresh turkeys at Sprouts have been shipped to us and stored at temperatures between 26°F and 28°F (as required by law). The below-freezing temperature causes some ice to appear in the cavity and possibly around the joints. The ice is frozen water, not frozen meat. The real difference is this: freezing to temperatures below zero draws out moisture, so the longer your turkey is frozen, the more it will dry out upon defrosting.

Do you offer Prime Rib?

Prime Rib is available at select store locations. Contact your local store for availability or to place a special order.

What is difference between Prime Rib Roast and Choice Rib Roast?

Prime beef is known for its heavy marbling and succulent flavor. Choice beef has lighter marbling than Prime beef, which produces a lighter, less rich flavor.

Do you sell leg of lamb or rack of lamb?

Yes, you may order USDA Choice leg of lamb or rack of lamb in-store.