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Suncoast Gold has an extensive reputation of sourcing premium macadamia nuts and creating delicious Australian-made products. Their range includes crunchy flavored macadamia nuts, superior macadamia oil and an exciting, one-of-a-kind macadamia milk. Their variety of products cater to the needs of health-conscious consumers by offering Macadamia milkproducts that are lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Suncoast Gold uses premium nuts in all products and carefully slow roasts macadamias several times to bring out their delicate bouquet of flavor. With the macadamia nut being indigenous to Australia, they take pride in being an Australian brand and create a quality product, which is farmed in a sustainable manner. Suncoast Gold was added to the Patons Macadamia confectionary business in 2012 to compliment the ‘sweet’ chocolate macadamia offering with a delicious savory macadamia range of products. With the launch of the ground-breaking macadamia milk in December 2014, Suncoast Gold followed the trend of non-dairy beverage alternatives and delivered a unique and innovative product in the health-food sector. Since its initial launch, Suncoast Gold relaunched their macadamia milk in March this year with a brand-new formula and look but with the same rich, smooth and creamy taste. Available in two variants, Original and Unsweetened, macadamia-nut milk is a tasty and healthy alternative to soy, oat and almond milks. It tastes great on its own, in smoothies or as an ingredient in various recipes and cocktails. Macadamia milk is naturally lactose-, cholesterol-, gluten- and GMO-free. Tess Masters, of popular health blog, The Blender Girl, touts macadamia milk’s taste profile: “Suncoast Gold Macadamia Milk is the richest, creamiest and most delicious plant-based milk I’ve ever had! It’s like drinking ice-cream, but so much healthier! Move over almond milk, there is a new star in the kitchen!” Find out more about the brand, its products and delicious recipes on Connect with Suncoast Gold on Suncoast Gold’s Facebook, Suncoast Gold’s Twitter and Suncoast Gold’s Instagram!