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Source Naturals Supplements Source Naturals has been inspiring people for over 30 years to lead healthier, more fulfilled lives with better nutrition as the center of an integrative, holistic and natural approach to wellness.

Leaders of the Wellness Revolution

Beginning with their immune support product, Wellness Formula®, Source Naturals started a wellness revolution. The ground-breaking notion that put it into motion was Founder Ira Goldberg’s vision that nutritional formulations—of nutrients, herbs and nutraceuticals—should help maintain well-being as well as enhance life. This practice is common today, but in 1982, it was revolutionary. Today, Source Naturals is still on the leading edge of transformational health practice. Their formulations are based on science and a deep understanding of our body’s own ability to maintain balance. Crafted to work at a cellular level, their products help bring the body’s interdependent systems into balance. They call this unique formulation strategy Bio-Alignment™.

Their Commitment to You

The well-being of their customers is Source Naturals’ highest priority. That’s why they have an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of quality. All the ingredients for their formulas are tested for purity, authenticity and potency before and after they’re created to ensure that you’re getting exactly what their label says.