Smart Buys and Creative DIYs

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Using everyday groceries to their fullest potential is a great way to see how much good-for-you foods can offer from start to finish.

You’ll love flexing your creativity muscles as well as taking steps to a greener and more sustainable future. We used Sprouts products that we had finished enjoying to make these fun crafts! From soup cans to eggshells, see how everyday staples can be transformed with a little thinking outside the grocery bag.Tin can heart shape on it.

Soup Can Lanterns

What You’ll Need:

  • Cans from soup, beans or veggies
  • Nails
  • Power drill
  • Hammer (optional)
  • Votive candles


Start by cleaning out and removing any packaging on the can. Use a paper stencil and a pen to draw out a design on the can.

Place can on a stable surface and secure it so it cannot move. Carefully use a nail and drill to puncture the metal by following the design you’ve made. You can tap a nail with a hammer a few times to first puncture the hole and then follow through with a drill for an easier break. Continue creating small holes in the metal until the design is complete.

When finished, place a votive candle inside.




Cotton balls in jars

Storage Jars

What You’ll Need:

  • Jars from salsa, nut butters, pasta sauce and more
  • Twine or ribbon (optional)
  • Household essentials


Clean and remove packaging from the jars you’re using. Add a decorative touch by either adorning with ribbon or twine.

Place your household essentials in the jars according to your preferences.









Eggshell Planters eggs in a storage

What You’ll Need:

  • Planting soil and your favorite herbs
  • Eggs
  • Bowl
  • Small spoon
  • Small knife
  • Spray bottle with water (optional)


Not only are eggshells a unique place to house your plants, they also offer nutrients, enabling them to act as an all-natural fertilizer for your plants.

Start by gently tapping around the egg’s circumference on a hard surface to crack open the shells. Pour the egg into a bowl and set aside. Gently rinse cracked eggshells and place them out in their carton to dry. Once dry, carefully create a hole at the base of each eggshell. Start from the inside of the shell to make a drainage hole.

Use a spoon to scoop planting soil into each eggshell. Plant seeds and follow your seed’s specific instructions for how to plant it into the soil. Spritz the soil with water.

Be sure to place your planters in an area that gets regular sunlight. Once the plant begins to sprout, you’ll be able to transfer it over to a more generously sized pot so it can grow without restraint.