Preserving the Rainforest—Supporting our Future

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If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit a rainforest, you may have an idea of what it might be like from studying habitats in school or watching educational TV or movies. A few Sprouts team members in our vitamin department recently had the privilege of traveling to Costa Rica to visit the lush herb farms where many of the most potent, organic, nutrient-rich New Chapter supplement ingredients are grown. Their stories about touring The Children’s Eternal Rainforest, a 55,000-acre private reserve protected by The Monteverde Conservation League and children all over the world, were both inspiring and painstaking. “Whenever I talk to customers about New Chapter since I have been back, I feel my face light up all the more. The trip to Costa Rica and tour of the rainforest, gave me so much perspective because I was shown—not just told. Educated—not merely informed. It was entirely influential to my role in spreading the word of wellness and our global environment.” – Tiffany Anne

Rainforests are at Risk.

While this rainforest is home to millions of the most bio-diverse plant and animal species, it also serves an important environmental purpose of providing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide for us today and for our children in the future. It is constantly at risk of being destroyed due to poaching, hunting and the high demand for development and products derived from its resources. In fact, rainforests are being destroyed at thousands of acres per day, and up to 200 species become extinct per day.

You can Help!

We recognize the importance of taking action to sustain this incredible natural treasure for our own sake and for future generations. This month, when you purchase any New Chapter supplement(s), 3 percent will help save precious rainforest land in Costa Rica through Friends of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest.