Natural Tips for Your Lips

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Greens, avocado, chapstick, bottled water and berries on wood tableJust like your skin, your lips also need protection from the harsh elements. However, your lips do not have sweat glands to keep them moist and the skin is very thin, making them more susceptible to drying and cracking. Follow these five simple tips and keep your lips looking young, moist, beautiful and healthy too!
  1. Stay Hydrated. Water is the key to keeping your lips healthy and beautiful. Drinking 6–8 glasses of water per day will help keep the cells in your lips plump and moist. Once your lips become dry, they can crack and cause pain.
  2. Eat Healthy. A healthy diet is good for the whole body, including the lips. Foods like avocados, berries and leafy greens are rich in vitamin A, C and E which provide nutrients that improve the health and color of your lips.
  3. Use Natural Lip Balms. Avoid petroleum-based chapsticks and balms. Petroleum goes by many names—mineral oil, paraffin and petrolatum—and ironically, actually dehydrates your lips by restricting the “cells natural ability” to breathe and moisturize. Choose natural-based balms that contain beeswax, olive, coconut or jojoba oil to keep lips moist.
  4. Apply SPF. Give your lips the extra protection they need while out in the sun. Your lips can get sunburned, just like your skin. Blisters can form and cause a lot of pain. Avoid damage to your lips and look for a lip balm that contains sunscreen agents and antioxidants.
  5. Don’t Lick. Constantly licking your lips will leave them dry and chapped. Saliva contains digestive enzymes that breakdown the lips’ thin skin, leaving them vulnerable to exposure from the environment. Applying a natural balm will help keep your lips soft and younger-looking.
Just one easy swipe of lip balm can give your lips the protection they need to stay healthy. Moist lips can help reduce fine lines surrounding the mouth, which can take years off your appearance.