Maple Hill Creamery

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In 2009, Tim and Laura Joseph and Pete and Julia Meck founded Maple Hill Creamery in Little Falls, New York. They began by crafting old-fashioned “creamline” yogurt by hand, using milk from their own 100% grass-fed dairy herd. Over the next few years, the family grazed and milked their cows, made yogurt and crisscrossed the Northeast, selling to natural food co-ops, specialty retailers and at farmers’ markets in Manhattan, where their distinctive tart-and-tangy yogurt gained a loyal following. In 2010, other 100% grass-fed organic dairy farms began joining the Maple Hill Creamery Milkshed and as of August 2016, they numbered nearly 80 farms strong. Sometimes described as “outliers” of the industrial dairy system, Maple Hill’s diverse group of farmers share the same vision they’ve held since day one. 100% grass-fed dairy farming is the model they believe can only succeed when each and every farmer is consistently well-paid for their milk, receives ongoing support and education to optimize their grass-fed herds’ health and is a fully valued member of the Milkshed. Maple Hill is proud to expand their 100% grass-fed dairy family and continue to grow and support a regenerative system of farming that is best for the farmers, cows, consumers and earth.