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When Tim and Laura Joseph purchased a 250-acre dairy farm in 2003, they knew nothing about farming. Shortly thereafter, they transitioned their cows from conventional methods to an organic, 100% grass-fed diet and noticed their cows were much healthier.

In 2009, Tim and Laura were joined by family members Pete and Julia Meck, together they founded Maple Hill Creamery. They began by crafting old-fashioned “creamline” yogurt by hand, using milk from their own 100% organic grass-fed dairy herd. A year later, other 100% grass-fed organic dairy farms began joining the Maple Hill Creamery Milkshed which now numbers 150 farms strong. Sometimes described as outliers of the industrial dairy system, Maple Hill’s diverse group of farmers share the same vision they’ve held since day one—to show that organic grass-fed dairy is better for us, better for cows, better for the land and better for farmers.

Maple Hill Calf

Better for Cows

100% grass-fed dairy farming is the model they believe can only succeed when each and every farmer is consistently well-paid for their milk, receives ongoing support and education to optimize their grass-fed herds’ health and is a fully valued member of the Milkshed. Maple Hill supports a regenerative system of farming that is best for the farmers, cows, consumers and earth.

The longevity and health of all their cows is imperative to the Maple Hill farmers. Their organic grass-fed cows live two to three times longer than most dairy cows, that’s because their diet is as nature intended—cows are meant to eat only grass. Organic dairy farmers feed their cows grains, which is what helps set Maple Hill apart. What a cow eats changes the makeup of the milk. Feeding them a wide variety of grasses creates milk that is higher in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and total omega-3s.

As an interesting twist, the farmers that milk the cows think of themselves as grass farmers rather than dairy farmers. All the cows in the Maple Hill family of farms are 100% grass-fed organic. No corn, no grain, just grass and lots of it—a cow eats about 38 pounds of grass a day. To feed their cows, Maple Hill dairy farmers grow over 150 different kinds of grass—like alfalfa, blue grass, sweet clover, chicory and rye grass—all to nourish their cows.

Better for the Land

Across all the Maple Hill farms, healthy soil is the cornerstone of everything they do. Growing a wide variety of grasses as well as the cows themselves, contributes to the health of the soil and regeneration of the land. Grazing cattle, when managed correctly, are a very effective tool in helping to create a healthy base of microorganisms in the soil. In turn, these microorganisms help to capture and sequester carbon from the atmosphere. This way of farming is called regenerative agriculture. Healthier soil means healthier grass and healthier cows who produce healthier food for us.  

Video Description: Meet some of the Maple Hill farmers who share their passion for their healthy cows and grass-fed diet.

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