Ice Cream Picks

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When the days are carefree and the weather is warm, stay cool with frozen treats. Ice cream is easy to have on hand and you’ll thank yourself for keeping little treats ready in your freezer. Keep reading to see some of our favorite ways to beat the heat.

Plus, learn how to take this dessert to the next level with your own DIY Ice Cream bar.


Sweet tooth cravings, meet your match. Find delicious options like Sprouts Organic Caramel Sea Salt Gelato and Sprouts Organic Rocky Road Twist Ice Cream that are sure to delight until the very last spoonful. Excite your taste buds by trying fun flavors like Honey Vanilla and Lemon Meringue too!

Arctic Zero

Loved for their guilt-free and tasty creations, Arctic Zero provides a solution that everyone—from fitness fanatics to dessert lovers—can get behind. Dig into their pint of Brownie Blast and feel confident choosing a treat that’s GMO-free as well as lactose-free, with only 75 calories per serving.

Ice Cream being scooped

SO Delicious Dairy-Free

Feel good about eating the perfectly sized mini bars from SO Delicious Dairy-Free. Dairy-free and soy-free, their coconut milk-based dessert is vegan-friendly. Pick up a box of Coconut Almond Bars—they’re sure to be a hit with anyone—vegan or not.

Almond Dream

Almond Dream offers dairy-free frozen desserts that pair plant-based ingredients and great taste together. Their Frozen Dessert Bites are a must-have for your next movie night line-up or late night snack.

Jolly Llama

Made from ripe whole fruit and all-natural ingredients, Jolly Llama Sorbet Pops are a fun and convenient dessert. Since they are packaged in squeeze tubs, they’re the perfect pairing treat to a day at the beach or on-the-go.


By using the freshest, ripest and juiciest fruits, FrütStix offers nutritious and low-calorie treats with authentic flavors. Peruse the Frozen Department for their organic fruit bars in strawberry flavor. You’ll love staying cool with their simple and classic fruity-flavored treats.

Häagen Daz

Indulge in Häagen Daz’s Ice Cream Bars, available in the Milk Chocolate Almond flavor. Coated in chocolate and crunchy roasted almonds, these bars will satisfy until the very last bite.


Simplicity is the goal behind all of Outshine’s tasty creations. Their Fruit Bars have ingredients like real fruit, veggies and juice, which are to thank for making treats that burst with bright, refreshing flavors.

Three Twins Ice Cream

Since 2005, this Northern California Company has been serving organic ice cream and striving to be sustainable in all they do. With compostable serving dishes, organic ingredients and a land conservation initiative, they’re showing how something as simple as purchasing ice cream can have a meaningful impact. Scoop into their Classic Vanilla flavored ice cream to do your taste buds and planet a favor.