Happy Egg Co.

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Happy Egg Co.

Seeing a need for an even healthier way to raise free-range eggs, Happy Egg Co. was born, championing the cause of free-range birds and high-quality eggs. That’s why Happy Egg partners with family farms that provide love and attention to their hens to ensure the highest standard of care.

With farms in the Ozark Woodlands of Arkansas and Missouri, Happy Egg farms provide the perfect environment that includes a fresh water supply, clean air, and a mild climate so their hens can enjoy being outside year-round. As a result, Happy Egg hens produce eggs that have rich, creamy amber yolks that look, cook, and taste good.

Delightfully Different

Coming from two distinct breeds of hens, Happy Egg introduced their Happy Egg Free Range Blue & Brown Heritage Breed Eggs. With a mix of sky-blue shells and chocolatey-brown-speckled shells, these nutritious eggs stand up and stand out with their deep orange-amber yolks and delicious flavor.

Happy Egg is the pioneer of free-range egg farming. Their hens are the free-est of the free range, allowed to roam free on over eight acres of pastures.