Good for the Future

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EPIC Brand StoryEPIC Provisions: Bison in field

Inspired by their own healthy living journey and the simple, yet powerful diets of our ancestors, Katie Forrest and Taylor Collins founded EPIC™ to produce flavor-forward, delicious, meat- and egg white-based protein snacks. But the story behind their products is as epic as their name.   Katie and Taylor dared to ask, what if the foods you eat could regenerate the land? The answer is nothing short of a food revolution. Their 450-acre farm, ROAM Ranch is now home to over 70 bison, pastured chickens, heritage turkeys and over 200,000 honey bees. But when they purchased it, it had been industrially farmed for 100 years. It lacked biodiversity and was highly degraded from overgrazing. They’re using their ranchland to create a wildlife habitat that helps to recharge aquifers, produce food and sequester carbon—a practice called regenerative agriculture. In the short amount of time they’ve had ROAM, they’ve proven that holistic management can have a huge impact. Thriving, diverse ecosystems teeming with life result in greater sustainability for all—because the health of humans, animals, the soil and the planet are all intertwined.

Good for the Future: EPIC Provisions is going beyond organic with regenerative agriculture.


Through their partnership with The Savory Institute, EPIC is committed to global large-scale grassland restoration efforts. When managed appropriately, animals can enrich the earth by aerating the ground, fertilizing the soil and positively shaping landscapes. All of this supports healthy topsoil, effectively holds ground water and sequesters carbon from the atmosphere. In 2016, EPIC joined General Mills, together they can invest in the future of healthy, sustainable food through regenerative agriculture. General Mills supports greener-for-all practices in these brands as well:


Annie’s partners with organic farmers who are saving our soil through regenerative agriculture. They also choose ingredients, manufacturing partners, and packaging materials that have a positive impact on farmers, communities, animals, the environment and you. 

Cascadian Farm

Since 1972, Cascadian Farm has been dedicated to farming in a way that would preserve the earth and her inhabitants. Today, they have grown beyond their original home farm and are a pioneering supporter of farmers who use practices that regenerate the land and their communities.

Muir Glen

Always committed to sourcing 100% of their ingredients from certified organic farms, Muir Glen has expanded their priorities to include regenerative practices like cover cropping and diverse crop rotations.

In April 2019, Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation and General Mills have partnered to donate $200K to benefit school gardens and composting programs, as well as community gardens and youth farm stands—ensuring that children have a good understanding of fresh, healthy food and where it comes from. Visit to learn more.