Give Yourself a Gluten-Free Boost!

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A quest for superfoods …

With numerous benefits to support a healthy, active and vibrant lifestyle, superfoods rich in color and phytonutrients, are sought-after to include in meals and snacks. But it can often be a challenge to make them part of our daily routine. The good news? Supplementation is a convenient way to ensure you get all the top-quality nutrients and products from brands like MegaFood, whose core value is to “make it easy!” Superfoods

Make maca and turmeric an easy add to your diet

Two power plants gaining popularity in the superfood category are turmeric and maca. These ancient allies have long histories in India and Peru and are known for their incredible energy-boosting properties. Now you can reap the benefits of each easily with MegaFood’s Daily Nutrient Booster Powders™. These unique blends of pure foods and herbs have been harvested from trusted fields and farmers, and are intended to be convenient for any lifestyle—just add them to your favorite smoothies and juices and enjoy.

MegaFood’s commitment to quality & testing

Fostering strong farming partnerships allows MegaFood to include organic and sustainably farmed ingredients grown right here in the United States. After the fresh foods and herbs are milled, puréed and optimized for nutrient content, MegaFood ensures that all ingredients are dehydrated with the utmost care. If you go gluten-free, you’ll be glad to know that gluten-free testing is also a practice taken seriously by MegaFood. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), if a food or supplement is labeled “gluten-free,” it must be validated to have less than 20 ppm (parts per million) of gluten. MegaFood goes the extra mile by testing their finished products to 10 ppm or less. Plus, all products are certified gluten-free by NSF, a public health and safety organization. To earn gluten-free certification under NSF’s program, companies must have a gluten-free compliance plan and undergo on-site inspections of their production and handling facilities in addition to product testing.