Farm-Fresh for Colorado

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Colorado Sprouts Truck

We go the extra mile,
so your produce doesn’t have to!

Our newest produce distribution center is now open in Aurora, Colorado. This 135,000-square-foot facility will be home to the freshest, local produce from farms like Colorado Mushroom Farm, Gotham Greens and many more.

Harvesting local goodness

Having a local produce center means your fruits and veggies will get from the fields to the stores even faster, ensuring they’re as fresh and ripe as the day they were picked! In some cases, your produce will only travel one hour from the produce center to the store … now that’s fresh! With shorter travel times and the ability to source local farm-fresh goodness, we’ll have better control over the in-store supply and maintain the highest standards on items that enter and leave our center.

Good for you–good for the community

Our newest produce distribution center means we can all celebrate the goodness of local, this means:
  • Bringing new job opportunities to the community
  • Partnering with and supporting local, family-run farms
  • Providing high-quality, healthy produce to communities and helping reduce food waste

  • Meet your local farmers

    We’re proud to partner with local growers across the country to bring fresh goodness into each of our communities. With our new Colorado produce center, your produce is sourced from local, family-run farms to offer you a variety of unique items every season. We strive to choose farms that promote healthy, clean farming practices in Colorado to bring you and your family the best produce full of goodness!

    Strohauer Farms Organic Fingerling Potatoes

    Strohauer Farms

    Just 50 miles outside of Denver, the fourth-generation family farm, Strohauer Farms, grows hearty fingerling potatoes and onions! Strohauer Farms has been growing both organic and conventional potatoes in Northern Colorado since 1910. During the peak season of July through October, customers can expect to enjoy the freshest potatoes with only 24 hours between farm and table!

    Pettrocco Farms

    Hazel Dell Mushrooms

    Hazel Dell Mushrooms was founded in 1997 by Jim and Toni Hammond. Located in Fort Collins, this family-run mushroom farm is proud to bring Colorado locals, restaurants, farmer’s markets and grocery stores high-quality, exotic mushrooms. The Hazel Dell farm grows a variety of gourmet, delicious mushrooms like Lion’s Mane, Shitake and Oyster for you to enjoy year-round.

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