How do I place a catering order online?

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First, log into your Sprouts account and then visit or click the “Place Your Order” button located at the bottom of every page. On the Sprouts Mobile App, click on the navigation menu and select “Place a Catering Order.”

If you have items on your Shopping List, a pop-up message will appear asking you if you wish to proceed. Select “Continue to Place a Catering Order,” and then choose your store location and a date and time range to have your order ready.  Next, browse through the items that are available for ordering at the location you selected. Once you’ve selected your items and quantities, click “Add to Cart.” You may add notes for the store, update your order or simply check out from the Cart page. At checkout, you may confirm your pick-up location, enter your pick-up time and add your contact information. Once you have completed your order you will receive a confirmation number on the screen and through email for your reference. Payment for all catering orders is accepted at the store at the time of pickup and checkout.