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Explore and Discover Sale

At Sprouts, we’re passionate about bringing you the hottest new and unique products in fresh and natural foods so you can be the first to try them! Come explore and discover hundreds of these exciting products throughout the store while they’re on sale, now through Wednesday, March 6. You’ll find interesting, better-for-you items featuring trending products like grass-fed dairy and local honey, as well as specially sourced ingredients like grain-free cassava flour, heritage breed eggs and plant-based proteins, just to name a few. You’ll also discover products that support dietary preferences such as FODMAP, Whole30®, keto and Paleo.

Products to Explore and Discover on Sale Now!


Want to learn more about trends in natural products?

Explore what’s in-store with these resources on popular topics—some that have been the inspiration for new products hitting shelves now for you to discover.


Learn about this acronym for various short-chain carbohydrates, how they can affect digestion and what foods they’re in.


Primal Kitchen sauce

More like a digestive reset, this focus centers around your total health, habits and relationship with food. You can learn more about the Whole30 program and find a great shopping guide in our article by Whole30® founder Melissa Hartwig.

Free-range Eggs

Happy Egg Heritage Breed Eggs

With a continued interest in animal welfare, it’s important to understand where our eggs come from. Learn about what free-range really means and get egg-ucated!


Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips

Going gluten-free? Knowing what to look for is half the battle! Get gluten-free tips and recipes in this quick read.