The story of Earthbound Farm

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Earthbound Farm Salad and StrawberriesThe story of Earthbound Farm sounds like a foodie fairy tale. What began in 1984, as a rented raspberry patch and farm stand in Carmel Valley, California, has become the nation’s largest producer of organic produce. There’s no question that founders Drew and Myra Goodman have transformed the way America eats salad. Today, Earthbound Farm grows more than half of the organic salads sold in supermarkets across the country. During their humble beginnings, the Goodman’s decided that doing the right thing meant committing to farming the land organically. They vowed to grow and package food they would feel good about serving their families, friends and neighbors. That labor of love became Earthbound Farm, and that original commitment has never wavered. At Sprouts, you can shop a variety of Earthbound Farm frozen organic fruits and vegetables, as well as a number of organic salads and Deep Green Blends, such as the Kale and Power. The Kale is a medley of tender baby kale leaves, packed with antioxidants, fiber and flavor. While the Power is a versatile mix of tender baby spinach, baby red and green chards, and baby kales ready for salads, smoothies and recipes. The best part is no washing or de-stemming is necessary!