Earth Day Crafts

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Celebrate Earth Day on April 22 with eco-friendly and recycled crafts that you and your kids will love.

Egg Crate Sewing Kit 

Do you have a bunch of cardboard egg cartons leftover from Easter? Turn it into a DIY sewing kit to keep all of your tools organized. The egg spaces make perfect cubbies for your pincushion, thread, buttons and measuring tape.

Cork Board (Literally) 

For those of you who love wine, you may find yourself wondering what to do with all those leftover corks. Well, here’s a fun DIY project to make a cork board (quite literally).

Remove glass from your favorite frame. Before even touching the glue gun, arrange all your corks. You’ll find many are different sizes, so you have to work with the arrangement. Once you’ve figured out the pattern you like best, go ahead and heat up the glue gun. Just pick up one cork at a time, place a straight line of glue on the backside, then immediately replace and hold down for a couple seconds. Continue with the rest and, ta-da! You have yourself a wine cork board! Now start tacking on your favorite photos.

Plastic Bag Napkin Rings

At Sprouts, we’re always trying to encourage the use of our recyclable bags over our plastic bags. If you have a few of our plastic bags around the house, here’s an easy way to re-use them and make braided napkin rings.

  1. Smooth out your plastic bag of any creases and cut it into three strips. Don’t worry about the handle portions being longer. You’ll trim the excess off later.
  2. “Fuse” the ends together so you can start your braid. To do this you will need a hot iron and some tinfoil. Fold your tinfoil over a couple times so that there will be two sheets between your iron and the plastic bag strips. Now, very carefully, hold the iron down on the tinfoil in 15-second increments until it fuses. (Be careful not to touch the plastic with your iron or you’ll have a messy cleanup job later.)
  3. Braid about six inches and stop. Give yourself about a half-inch of unbraided ends and then trim the excess off with scissors.
  4. Wrap your braid into a circle big enough for a cloth napkin to slip through and then carefully insert your tinfoil and iron onto the loose ends. Repeat the ironing technique used above and fuse your ring together.
  5. Voila! You have a fancy napkin ring and you saved the landfills from one more plastic trash bag!

Lime Place Cards

Delightfully bright and pleasingly oval, limes are much too pretty to be sidelined as mere garnish. Instead, give them a starring role as placeholders. Write out each guest’s name on one end of a sticky mailing label, center the label at one end of a toothpick, then wrap, bringing the label ends together. Stick each skewer into a washed lime and place one on each plate.